“I have had a rough time two years ago. Anna helped me in so many ways. It was her to whom I am grateful for emotional guidance. Together she showed me my weaknesses and my fears, both of which I have overcome and yet to overcome. Her words and aid will not only make you comprehend yourself as a human being but also those who are dear to you. Strictness and a head-strong character are both essential for a coach. Happily, Anna posses these important traits. She can bring a breath of fresh air into your personal, academic, and professional lives.” Daniel Fu

“Anna Dannfelt – the coach that coaches coaches” Andrea Murphy

“Anna is tough and caring in her work. She can change your life.” Marc

“I just participated in the workshop “Create yourself”. Anna has the great ability to touch people and put her message in such a down to earth, easily applied way. Anna is a confident, energetic and innovative speaker who brings a great deal of knowledge from personal and past life experiences.  She has an infectious laugh and great sense of humor. She is a real ‘people person’ which made it very easy for attendees to relate and quickly be drawn into her presentation. Her ability to relate to the struggles, heart longings, and joys of ordinary women was only surpassed by her compassion and humility. Anna communicates with tremendous clarity and authenticity, calling forth courage in women to believe in the greatness of themselves as a unique person & really change their lives and negative patterns once and for all.
Sandra Sidon, Bertrange
“I’ve attended the workshop Create yourself by Anna Dannfelt.
It was a small group, all women, and it was very personal.
I came home with new knowledge about basic sentiments – and I came to an understanding of my self and my way of doing things that really stirred a lot up in me.
I felt at ease in the group, challenged in my usual way of act, react and think – and afterwards  more calm within myself. I really felt as if I got new tools to use to self develop and by that – create my self!
Anna Dannfelt is a very competent and personal life coach! I truly recommend you to attend this course if you feel stuck in any aspect of your life. She uses her own story to inspire you to stay strong!
As a bonus you also get to know new people that are working in the same area as you – not bad!!” Fleur Jakobsen

“Since I started working with Anna my life has changed in ways I could never have dreamed of. I have found the strength to overcome my fears” Angelina

“Anna helped me get a better relationship with my children.” Kristina

“I was  burned out when I was advised to see Anna. At first I did not believe that her unorthodox methods would work, but it did. I am now healthy again and I have been given tools to deal with pressure. She saved my life.” Clarence


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