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imagesHelen Keller said: “When one door closes, another one opens” which is absolutely true. The problem is that we tend to watch the closed door forever and totally miss the open door (new opportunity).

This is also true physically; if there is pressure in a space and one door is closed, the pressure will cause another door, or window, to open.
On the other hand; if you have 2 doors open at the same time, the draught will cause one of the doors to close.
Meaning; if you have too many options, some will automatically shut down because you can’t pursue them all. Maybe the door that closed was one you wanted open, but if it is not for you to step through that specific doorway, it will not stay open.
We choose our paths on more than one level; our conscious mind with all its programmings and short-comings, and our super-conscious, liberated from programmings. When super-conscious steers us, we don’t know what is going on and often we even feel that we are not choosing. It could steer us in a direction that we would never, ever have chosen from consciousness. And it always turns out alright – if we allow it.

“People are walking backwards into the future, re-acting on everything that happens to them” (Ambres)

Meaning: By re-acting we are labelling every action with something that went before; our preconcieved notions. We go straight to the archive of our experiences and pull out the one that best fits the present situation, and by this we then judge it. What we need to learn is to act on every new impulse, allowing it to show us the way into the future. It might look like something we have known before, but appearances are decieving. Children act like this all the time, they are constantly in the moment, allowing themselves to be guided into the future by completely being in the experience. This is what we should be looking for.