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ROBIN HOOD is a taoist…

This post is from another blog I’ve been writing and some of you may recognize it. I like the picture.

Take from the rich and give to the poor – this is the way of the Tao…And Robin Hood. This is a basic idea taught to us already when we are little children and as we grow up we slowly come to realize that these are but sweet words that carry little or no importance in most people’s lives: The way of man is to take from whomever (rich as well as poor) to amass great wealth and, true to the nature of programming, we do what we are shown, not what we are told.

What is interesting is that those who have little seem more ready to give or share that which they have, no matter how little it is, while in society the ones who have much usually don’t give at all. Those who do share are called “philanthropists” and are highly revered by others.

If you have more than you use, you have too much. How full is your attic? Do you know what is in the back of your closet? Maybe now would be a good time to share your excess, all that which you don’t need or want? Most of my friends have stuff squirreled away, stuff that they will never use but still drag (at great expense and work) from place to place. Liberate yourself from that load and do a good deed in the process! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.



healthy foodsBy now most of you know how important nutrition is to me. I agree with Hippocrates who said: “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food.” I truly believe this is the straight and wide – if not always so easy – road to health. So today I want to introduce somebody to you:

A friend of mine here in Luxembourg is doing some really cool stuff around nutrition, training and health. His name is Tim Goodwin. For you people who are based in Luxembourg; check out his bootcamps – forest fit – which takes you to the forest to play, because this is what working out should be all about. Check it out here:


Here is a beautiful video to show how much fun it is to move. Remember being a kid?

Tim has also come out with a e-book that can be downloaded (free of charge) from this site; (you will also get a link to Tim’s community page.) I just downloaded it myself.


There are some really good people out there with lots of knowledge that they share so generously. This makes it really easy to start making changes in life. Sometimes there is also follow up with community pages where you can connect with other people and get their stories. It’s all about sharing the ride. Take a look around, and start creating a healthier, more balanced and happier You.

On my blog-list there are some other great people you can check out. They are doing all the work for  us; research, trials, new recipes…. all we have to do is profit from this and get cracking! And remember – it is not all about loosing weight, which it sometimes seems, it is about health.