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What can I say…?

Sometimes I wonder about this guiding, or teaching, thing; What am I doing here, what makes me think that I can really give anything new. It has all been said and done, through centuries. The basic rules for humanity is no secret, we all know it; it’s called moral and ethics and even if we didn’t have it as a guidance growing up, we always know in our hearts what is true or not and when we transgress its borders, we are aware of our transgression. We always know, even when we don’t want to.

Today I spent some time with a dear friend, and along our easy togetherness I found this:

“To learn is to find what you already know. Your actions show that you know. To teach others is to show them that they also know .” (Richard Bach “Illusions”)

So you see what I’m saying; It has all been said, the wisdom is dormant in us all, what more can I say? But if I can be a stepping-stone along the way…It is a good thing ❤