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The rhino, the unicorn and belief

I found this picture on FB and just love it…So much that I have to create a post around it. Hmmm, let’s see…

At first look it’s funny¬†(mental belief); a heavy rhino turning into a sleek unicorn? Dream on! Then it becomes touching (emotional belief); rhino is so cute to even imagine the possibility. Next thought is of courage (daring belief); rhino doesn’t give up, he looks at the picture of the unicorn, wanting it so much. The next level is power (limitless belief); rhino has the power to dream the “impossible” dream.
Looking at the picture I realized that this is what we think about most every dream we have. At first we have an idea of what we want, then we travel through all layers of beliefs; mental, emotional, daring, trusting and limitless.
To your eyes the rhino might never look like a unicorn, but in his own eyes he will, if he truly believes he can. That’s all it takes; belief and the courage to stay with it. The motivation needed is to truly want it and then to figure out why we want it.
I am so totally a happy unicorn-looking rhino…Are you?