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Viva la Bombas!



1. My stove, Mr Hartman doesn’t always light up easily.
2. Fire starters work but it gets  expensive.
3. Candles leave a lot of leftovers.
4. Egg cartons can be used for more than planting seeds.
5. Corks look like pellets to make a fire.


Of course I made firebombs! The best firebombs ever – out of trash. It’s fun, doesn’t take any time really and I get that tricky stove going every time…Never had to use more than 2 bombas, even when Mr Hartman was his grumpiest.

Besides which, they are pretty with colors and scents sort of built in, always different 🙂

For 60 bombas I eat 30 eggs, drink 10 bottles of wine and save all the leftover candles, doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

Now you might be somebody that don’t like eggs or don’t get them in cartons. Then you can use a cute silicone chocalate mold for perfect sized bombas. Mine are shaped as hearts ❤


Trash becomes Treasure

I keep little bits and pieces; a ribbon from a chocolate box, some lace from a broken old sheet, scraps of cloth, pieces of broken jewellery…Stuff that is perfectly useful but you don’t know it yet 🙂 (I think I have it from my grandmother) My friend calls it my “bra-att-ha-låda”, translated it means “good-to-have-box”. The stuff that is really too pretty to be thrown away even though I, at the moment, have no use for it. It’s been lying around for a while, the box. I have ideas and find inspiration when I travel, but the feeling to actually do it wasn’t really there…Until a week ago. Oh, it’s so much fun when the creative juices start flowing!

I have these crappy, disgusting-looking cushions from my terrass; too good to be thrown away but too ugly to use. I wanted to throw them away but it feels very un-sustainable and that is not my way, so I went to my bra-att-ha-låda and found much prettiness with which I beautified the cushions and gave them another 5-6 years of usage. The long cushion is cut into 3 pieces, small cushions are more useful.