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Facebook narcissism

kultur_facebook-fac_728700aI have been thinking and watching and wondering about Facebook, this place of maximum narcissism. We can create a new me, the person we want to be and present this person to the world. We choose what we want to show. It is all about beauty and success, this is what is supposed to define our worth. Personal pics are high on the scale of getting action; comments about beauty, youth, sex and success; all superlatives, as well as loads of “likes”. There is an abundance of apps to highlight yourself and place on your wall; these apps will never be negative. I decided to make an experiment using such an app.

The app I used for my experiment was “How old do you look?” I’d seen it around, and decided it was a good choice. The app scans your profile pic and gives you the age you look and then you can post that to your profile. Said and done; “Anna is 52 and looks like 37.”  I posted it to my profile between an article about rape of women and a video presenting a most incredible and impressive 13-year old boy.

After a short time I had loads of likes on this app-post, together with comments such as: “You are always beautiful”, “You never age”…and so on. You know, the standard stuff that Everybody says. The posts around did not have any reactions, no likes, no shares, nothing. And this was seriously interesting and important stuff, the kind of stuff we should be wrapping our heads around.

I left the post up for about a week before taking it down. The trend stayed the same.

Just sayin’


It says more about you than about me…

Preconceived ideas. How many of them do we carry around and do we realize that we have them? I have been experimenting with this…Naughty, I know. Fun? Oh yes.

3 different experiments; 1) clothes 2) my company 3) walking with a bad limp. Results?

  • Clothes: I go to a hardware store all dressed up in a pencil-skirt, heels, make-up and nail-polish and ask about really “macho” things. (Here you need to know that I am a very capable woman; I clean my own chimney, change bits and pieces on my car – if I have to – and repair things around the house. I am the total Macho woman 🙂 ) When I am dressed up, the people talk to me like I am stupid, telling me to get a handy-man or they ignore me. I LOVE setting them straight…
  • Company: I spent a day going around town with a young male-friend of mine. We are very close friends and intimate in our bantering. He’s 24, I am 50. More often than not we are greeted with leers and outright rudeness. They think he’s my lover…People have really dirty minds.
  • Walking with a limp: Now this is tricky. It is not to make fun of disabled or handicapped people, it is about testing reactions and understanding how it would feel. People move aside, pretend they do not see, whisper and point behind my back. I feel like a pariah.

All these people probably consider themselves to be upstanding citizens, even pillars of society but the moment the “picture” doesn’t fit with their preconceived notions they draw their own conclusions without even stopping to check. They become rude, obnoxious and out-right nasty. Do they ever excuse their behavior? No, they get even angrier for being “found out”.

Moral? Don’t ever think you know what is going on with people, more often than not you might be wrong, so be very careful in your judgments. Keep an open mind and learn something from the world and the people around you.

(Pic: Denis Tombal)