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What are you prepared to give up for life?

Mother Earth is suffering, worse, she’s seriously sick, and she needs help NOW. Right this minute and every minute after that for as long as you can imagine. This is reality. Mother Earth is our life-support and when she suffers, we suffer. She is ill and so are we. The question is; what are you prepared to do, or give up, to save her…And yourself?

It is daunting, isn’t it? Multinational corporations that can’t be touched, using up, polluting and destroying our world. We feel very small in their shadow. We rave and we rant, looking for “clean” solutions, which is good but only goes so far. We live in a world where we take the results of this destruction for granted; electricity, fuel for our cars, foods from everywhere in our corner-shop, new machines, technology…Most everything that we use and feel we need – Every day! What are you prepared to give up? Will you exchange your car for a cleaner alternative, or maybe start commuting? Will you stop buying stuff? Will you turn off your electricity even though it is not a question of economy? Will you keep your old telly, computer, stereo, phone that still works fine and forego the fancy new model? Will you start repairing your old clothes instead of buying new? Everything is limited and everything has a cost. There is no such thing as unlimited resources.

Earth Hour; one hour per year people turn of their electricity to make a stand for Mother Earth; that’s one hour out of 8 760 hours in a year. Why am I not impressed? A lot of people won’t even do this one hour, I have heard some of the comments; “what should I do for one hour without my machines…?” And during this one hour, closed stores are still lit up like Christmas trees so we can look through the window and drool over all the stuff we think that we need or want.

People; if you want change, you will have to be the change. We are all consumers and as such we hold tremendous power. The multinational corporations might seem daunting and we stand before them as Don Quixote before the windmills. But we are the world! Every little person put together become the ruler, but only if we are prepared to put it into action. So again; What are you prepared to give up for life?



When we hear sustainability we think waste-management, renewable sources and other measures to heal and save the earth. Although everybody agrees that these measures are absolutely necessary for our future there always seems to be reasons why it can’t be done, which is really strange since pollution, global warming, toxicity and depletion of sources is a serious matter to every single person. Sustainable living is an issue both on a personal and political level.

People want to be sustainable without giving up comfort; sure recycling is good – as long as I don’t have to think about it. Using less electricity is fine unless it cramps my style. (check out the comments every time there is a suggestion of 1 hour electricity-free time; “Not without my computer, music, tv”….and mind you, this is only one hour!)

I always found it really upsetting or irritating that people would be so lazy and stupid until I looked again and realized that there is no sustainability on a personal level – the Self. Some people starve themselves to death, others eat themselves to death; we are killing ourselves with crappy choices in life. Instead of investing in our health through lifestyle choices, we use surgery and medication to keep our sorry selves alive. How can we even think about sustainable living when we are incapable of taking responsibility for ourselves?

Sustainability starts at home, with yourself. If you can’t even take care of your physical health, how can you ever grasp the idea of taking care of Mother Earth? The trashing we are seeing, the greed and laziness that is depleting and destroying the globe is mirroring how we treat ourselves on a personal level, the lack of (self)respect that is our way of life.