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BBC – Earth News – Blue tits embrace ‘aromatherapy’

Blue Tit taken by Phil Palmer (www.BirdHolidays.co.uk)

It’s well known that plants use the essential oil to attract insects for pollination or to protect themselves from bacteria (or fungi as presented in an earlier post on Oud) and other attacks. Some plants even use the essential oil to take more space from surrounding plants.

I have written earlier about the pheromones and how important they are to – among other – insects when finding a mate. They can scent the odoforious pheromones over extremely large areas. Essential oils and pheromones are very much alike, they act as messages.

Essential oils are known to be anti-bacterial, some more than others. Apparently even animals know this, blue tits use herbs to help their hatchlings stay healthy:

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BBC – Earth News – Blue tits embrace ‘aromatherapy’.