Personal rhythm

Every person has their own rhythm; sleep, energy, hormonal cycles, digestion, that greatly influences performance.  Most writers I know write in the wee hours of morning or late at night when all is quiet and there are no interruptions, many athletes prefer to train in the morning. Some people are full of energy in theContinue reading “Personal rhythm”


(picture from “The Independent”) Part of motivation is actually stress; that’s what gives the “kick” to get going. The “good” stress as it is called. But what happens when that “good” stress swamps you? Everything falls apart and instead of giving a kick to get going, it either paralyzes you into either non-action or makesContinue reading “MOTIVATION WHEN STRESSED”


How laughter works Everything gets so serious, life is serious. I have had a seriously difficult week and I have been sad. At least I have, over time, learned to look for the positive; both in my situation and around me. When I am sad I want to be amused. I don’t want to talkContinue reading “FUN, HAPPY, AMUSING, HUMOUR, LAUGHTER…”


One of the most useful aspects of essential oils is the mood-enhancing properties. Every oil will create some kind of feeling in you.  To realize why this happens you need to know a bit about how the essential oils work through our olfactory system: (Following is taken from Wikipedia – text & picture; <<InContinue reading “ESSENTIAL OILS AS MOOD-ENHANCERS”

STRESS part 1

Stress is good, stress is necessary and stress is excitement. Stress is what got us, as a species, this far. Without stress not much would ever happen and we would become extinct. There is a wish to differentiate between stress and stress: Inner stress/outer stress Good stress/bad stress I do not differentiate, stress is stress.Continue reading “STRESS part 1”