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(Freedom by sculptor Zenos Frudakis )

We are always trapped by different things; ideas, judgments, emotions. Like invisible bonds they hold us in a place that is no longer relevant. We sense it, the entrapment, but we don’t know what it is or why and there is always fear of the unknown. There is a saying in probably every language: “You know what you have, but you don’t know what you will get”. It is like a warning; “don’t change your ways, you don’t know what will happen”. But let’s turn it around, let’s see it as an encouragement; If you are in a bad place, it might get better if you break free, even though you don’t know where it will take you. You will never know if you don’t try.

Sometimes the urge to break free is so strong it takes your breath away and this urge has to be acted upon. If not you will probably find yourself sick, stressed and depressed, suffocating under a weight that will not lift. We are not meant to be static, change is life. Most of us are afraid of change, not knowing what it will bring. This is the greatest fear of all and it is strong enough to keep us in a bad place.

We know that when we break free from whatever it may be, there will be a crisis both within us and with those around us. There will be rebellion, strife and estrangement from dear ones. We will feel lonely and misunderstood. Breaking free takes courage and it takes time. The first place we find ourselves in is loneliness. This has to be. It is a time of silence and contemplation, of understanding our need for individuality and finding a new life path. Then come impulses; people and happenings that fit with our new reality enter our lives and we are not lonely anymore. The world around us start mirroring our choices in a positive way, making us grow stronger.

There will always be a price to pay for breaking away from your “group”, whatever that group may be. And there will be abundant rewards once you face your fears and pass through them.



There is always hopeI have quite a few children that come to me for different reasons, ranging in age from babies to adolescents, usually they are between 5 and 16 years old. There are plenty of reasons why a child / adolescent would need to see a therapist not least because of stress. Growing up is not so easy and there are so many different signals and pressures in a child’s life to make it confusing. At different points in life we need different back-ups – I am one.

When a child comes to me I usually have some information from parents and/or teachers beforehand so I have some vague idea of what is going on. When the child comes I ask questions and talk to him/her to get an idea of what is going on. Usually information comes through words or posture that even surprises the parents. Children are very clear and easy to read, but you need to watch carefully.  Once I have a good connection with the child and she/he is feeling safe and calm, I choose a range of essential oils for testing.

girl smelling flower

I let the child smell one oil at a time, paying close attention to visible and invisible signals from the child as well as preference; like / don’t like. Usually we end up with 3-4 oils that I then blend in a base of vegetable oil. What is really interesting is that the oils usually confirm or strengthen my  diagnosis of the child, sometimes a child’s choice of an oil gives me invaluable and extra information about what she/he is working on. The blend is of course very different scent-wise from individual essential oils, but the child always lights up when he/she smells his/her blended scent.

Massage child

At this point the parents need to get into the action. Children connect very deeply with a person who makes them feel safe and good and “seen”. This is why I never massage smaller children; they must not connect with me, but with their parents/care-takers. So I teach the parents to massage; when, where and how. I always give the oil-blend to the child when they leave, it enhances the feeling of being capable and positive which kick-starts the healing-process: The child feels that he/she has the power to change things. Another session is always booked for follow-up after 3 weeks time.

I have been able to positively help every child that ever came to me. If there are “problems” such as dyslexia, ADD etc we work around them, diminishing the idea of a problem and building up the idea of a challenge. A positive outlook on things changes a lot, but a child needs help with this, sometimes even the whole family.

There are always solutions