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What are you prepared to give up for life?

Mother Earth is suffering, worse, she’s seriously sick, and she needs help NOW. Right this minute and every minute after that for as long as you can imagine. This is reality. Mother Earth is our life-support and when she suffers, we suffer. She is ill and so are we. The question is; what are you prepared to do, or give up, to save her…And yourself?

It is daunting, isn’t it? Multinational corporations that can’t be touched, using up, polluting and destroying our world. We feel very small in their shadow. We rave and we rant, looking for “clean” solutions, which is good but only goes so far. We live in a world where we take the results of this destruction for granted; electricity, fuel for our cars, foods from everywhere in our corner-shop, new machines, technology…Most everything that we use and feel we need – Every day! What are you prepared to give up? Will you exchange your car for a cleaner alternative, or maybe start commuting? Will you stop buying stuff? Will you turn off your electricity even though it is not a question of economy? Will you keep your old telly, computer, stereo, phone that still works fine and forego the fancy new model? Will you start repairing your old clothes instead of buying new? Everything is limited and everything has a cost. There is no such thing as unlimited resources.

Earth Hour; one hour per year people turn of their electricity to make a stand for Mother Earth; that’s one hour out of 8 760 hours in a year. Why am I not impressed? A lot of people won’t even do this one hour, I have heard some of the comments; “what should I do for one hour without my machines…?” And during this one hour, closed stores are still lit up like Christmas trees so we can look through the window and drool over all the stuff we think that we need or want.

People; if you want change, you will have to be the change. We are all consumers and as such we hold tremendous power. The multinational corporations might seem daunting and we stand before them as Don Quixote before the windmills. But we are the world! Every little person put together become the ruler, but only if we are prepared to put it into action. So again; What are you prepared to give up for life?


Medicine – science, nature or both?

Thymus vulgaris

Thymus vulgaris

Over the years I have seen how closely body and mind works together; If you can balance one part, the other usually follows, sometimes followed by “miraculous healing”. We are biology and as such, we are part of a whole. If we could not heal “miraculously”, we would not exist as a species today, we would be extinct. Sometimes people are to die, it is the way of nature, and no medicine in the world will keep them alive, and sometimes my work is about helping people to die in peace. It may be frustrating to my sensibilities as a healer, but it is also an acceptance of the way of nature – a hard learned lesson for somebody like me who likes to heal…

Every tiniest thing in the Universe is under constant change; like bacteria: With the introduction of penicillin it was believed that bacteria would now be controlled once and for all, never to raise their ugly heads again, but one thing was overlooked; the fact that everything strives for survival, bacteria included. By using antibiotics indiscriminately for every little thing, we have created a new problem; antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The “oh-so-powerful” antibiotics came to a standstill; at best, they do nothing, at worst they diminish the immune-system, leaving body unprotected against the bacteria we all carry around and these bacteria turn on us and devour us. I have seen people  that have been on broad-spectra antibiotics of different kinds for weeks and months on end. Sometimes intravenously…Did it help? No.

laboratory containersI want to make it clear here, that I am not attacking anybody; neither doctors, scientists or the medical system. We all do the best we can but nature will not be controlled and sometimes off-beat healing methods can work really well. I am not a doctor, but I know a lot of doctors and work side by side with a few of them. They have their limits, as do I, or any kind of healer. But if we work together we can find solutions. Nature is coming into play again, and natural antibiotics such as essential oils are being found to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria quite successfully. The healing power of nature can be harnessed and used, but it can not be recreated in a laboratory.

Love is a state of mind <3

Love is generous and non-judgmental, Love asks for nothing and is all-encompassing. By giving love we attract it, no matter who or where we are, it is bound-less and limitless.

My life has been, as mentioned before, full of turbulence, hardship and pain but the one thing I have always had, as a gift, was the ability to love indiscriminately. I never really thought about it, it was just always there; a warm feeling in my heart.

Many times I have been scolded for this; for always seeing the best in people and choosing to trust. And yes, I am – in a way – a fool and have been “had” quite a bit through the years because of my “naiveté”. I don’t care, I don’t want to be distrustful…I love loving.

On the love between two people; this seems to be so hard. Instead of the professed love, I see hate, anger, distrust, controlling behaviour and possessiveness. I have had jealous men who made me so insecure that I found I had to protect myself against them and pay attention to my every word. They scared me with their unfounded anger and I could never accept that jealousy was a sign of love – it’s not.

As well as bringing out the best in us, love also brings out the worst. It touches our deepest fears and unleashes them. Since love is unconditional, it will release all kinds of negative emotions in us because it is a safe arena; only in an unconditional environment can you safely ventilate and let go of the negative stuff. And when the love is unconditional, this is possible…Love is healing and love is trust.

Today is my birthday and I give thanks for the grace of love.


Latin name: Butyrospermum parkii

The name Shea comes from s’i – the tree’s name in Mali. The Latin name comes from the explorer Mungo Park who introduced it to Europe.

The shea-tree grows in the dry savannahs of Africa. It grows to a height of about 20 meter and starts bearing fruit after 8-12 years, though it reaches full producing capacity only after 40 years after which it can bear fruit for over 200 years. Flowering season is January/February and the fruit ripens between May and August. The fruits are the size of large plums. A “good” tree can yield up to 80 kg of nuts/year but normally a tree produces about 20 kg of fruit, giving 1.5 kg of butter. 100 kg of fruit will yield about 8 kg of butter.

Process: The  fruit falls as it ripens and is collected – traditionally by women and children. The outer shell is then crushed and removed, revealing another, inner, shell that is removed by boiling or roasting. Inside is the nut that is used. After drying, the nut is crushed to release the butter. This method of extraction leaves the butter intact but gives a lower yield and is therefore more expensive. Another process is by using a hexane solvent extraction which gives a higher yield. The butter is also made into an oil by reducing the amount of stearic acid. The cheaper, refined, variety is widely used by the chocolate industry and can also be found in margarine and other foods. Shea-butter is extensively used by the cosmetic industry and can be found in many creams, lotions and emollients.

The butter has been used for thousands of years by the Africans as food oil, lamp oil, protective salve and for soap. Therapeutically it has been used to treat sprains, muscular pain, and as an anti-inflammatory. It has also traditionally been used as a protective agent for skin and hair.


  • Shea butter contains cinnamic acids which  has sun-screening properties, protecting the skin against UV-rays.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help with cracks, skin-ulcers and fissures.
  • prevention of stretch-marks by making the skin supple.
  • Emollient on dry skin, hair and lips. Makes the skin soft and supple.
  • For sprains, aches and rheumatism.
  • Acne, itchiness, eczema, irritated skin, scars.

Shea butter is white to creamy in color. It is readily absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy residue, and the skin will feel softer after use. Being very mild, it is tolerated by most people. The butter is stable, giving it a shelf-life of about 2 years if stored cool and dark. It melts at a temperature of 35-40 degrees celsius.

Chemical profile:

  • Oleic acid, 40-45%
  • Stearic acid 30-45%
  • Linoleic acid 3-9%
  • Palmitic acid 3-5%


Picture from http://www.hypnos-healing.co.uk

There is always an original cause for dis-ease, no matter how far in the past it might be. For any profound healing to take place, the original cause needs to be found and dealt with and no matter what the symptoms look like, it is not enough to make them “go away”. For each symptom that we make “go away” there will be another taking its place. Sometimes the symptoms mask the cause and hide it behind layers of problems and misunderstandings, shielding it from being reached.

Original cause is usually something painful, something we don’t want to remember or re-live, so we bury it, unconsciously, and as long as it is not resolved, it will cause dis-ease and imbalance within us. We will believe ourselves unlucky and unable to attain happiness, constantly being aware of the negative side of everything that happens to us. It becomes a state of mind and we feel exposed, vulnerable and victimized.

Original cause may be something that at the time was profoundly hurtful or scary, but in the light of today turns out to be very small and when it is revealed we are surprised at how deeply we were impacted. There are no measures for what is large or small trauma; the only measure is the impact it has on the person. Suffering is personal and can not be judged. Once original cause is found and dealt with, the symptoms are alleviated. Finding original cause is much like peeling an onion, the more it is buried, the more layers need to be gone through. During this time profound healing takes place – step by step.

Original cause is also present when there is disease or illness, sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic. It might have been extreme stress, high pressure or an accident. A physical trauma may be resolved by intervention but the risk is that the emotional trauma stays. Over time the trauma deepens and one day there is distress or disease within the body system. We are entities made up of body, mind and emotion; when there is trauma to one part, all the others will feel the impact and any part might show symptoms of the trauma – there is no separation. All trauma creates fear and fear makes itself known in many different ways.


Time for an essential oil profile:

Angelica (Angelica archangelica) The name means “angelic archangel” and this is a good representation of this oil. It has a glorious scent that unites high and low. Angelica has a long tradition as a medicinal and flavor enhancer in indigenous cultures such as the Same-culture in northern Scandinavia.

The plant is large and tall with clusters of small white flowers and large roots. Angelica is biennial but always returns thanks to its strong self-sowing ability. The first year only the large, fern-like, serrated leaves grow. In the second year it grows to a height of 2 meters and flowers are produced. The stem is thick and hollow and can be made into a flute. It is native to Europe and Siberia but is now grown worldwide. The whole plant is aromatic but only the roots and seeds are steam-distilled for essential oil. Personally, I prefer the oil from the roots.

The stems and seeds are used in confectionery,  flavoring and the preparation of liqueurs such as Benedictine and Chartreuse. The whole herb is used medicinally.

The scent is green, herbaceous and slightly earthy with a peppery note. With time the scent deepens and take on a slightly musky character. Interestingly enough, the scent of Angelica is dual: light and heavy, spicy and musky. It is full-bodied and I believe the way we perceive the scent is depending on what we need from the oil at the moment. The duality of Angelica can also be seen in its properties; it is a stimulant  in low doses and sedative in higher doses.


  • Carminative for the digestive system.
  • Dull and congested skin.
  • Detoxifying; accumulation of toxins, arthritis, rheumatism and water retention.
  • Strengthens the immune-system.
  • Emotional: Anxiety, tension, stress, fatigue.
  • Spiritually: Focus, creativity and inner vision. It connects the divine with the earth; spiritual with physical. In healing it can be used as a “door-opener” before actual treatment.

Safety precautions: Angelica is photosensitizing, meaning that it makes the skin more responsive to light. When using Angelica stay out of the sun and sunbeds for at least 8 hours after application to skin. If exposed to sunlight, photosensitizing oils can increase the risk for sunburn and discoloration. Do not use during pregnancy.

An experience: One day I had just gotten a new bottle of Angelica essential oil and I put a couple of drops on my necklace (see aromatic jewelery). Later in the day I had a long drive and after an hour I was getting increasingly light-headed and “visionary” which is not the ideal condition for driving. It became so strong that I had to stop and get out of the car. Once in the fresh air, my head cleared and I realized my state was because of inhaling the Angelica-oil.

I use the oil for visionary meditations where it is very useful for the clarity it brings, but I never again use it while driving or “handling heavy machinery”. Focus does not always mean sharp.


(Escher: Labyrinth)

I am working with a young woman who suffers from an invisible, high-level stress. Her stress comes from inside and even though she’s plenty busy, this is not the source of her problems. The first signs were head-aches that over time became both more frequent and painful. Then she became aggressive and worried. After 4 months she was seriously ill with constant migraine, nausea, constipation, mood-swings and night-mares. One day she fainted in the street and was brought to the hospital where she underwent all the tests in the book: Brain-scan, neurology-tests, blood-analysis – the works. Nothing could be found. The doctors diagnosed migraine and gave her different kinds of medication, constantly increasing the strength but nothing helped, the girl was seriously ill.

At this point enter the complementary forces:

After talks with her it is obvious that she has an enormous need of controlling her world, everything must be perfect – which is also mirrored in her appearance and surroundings. She helps her friends with everything she can and is always available when needed. The feeling I get is that her head is stuck in a labyrinth box. There is such tremendous mental pressure that it has turned into pain, she can find no clarity and when she tries to figure things out she gets confused. She is angry and negative towards her state and scared that it will not go away.

  1. Going over her diet and taking out all stimulants; sugar, tea, alcohol.
  2. Teaching her about mind-mapping (see an earlier post) and how to find clarity. At this point she gets angry and can not find any “clues” in her mind-mapping. I take her through a mind-game and she relaxes as an “inner door” opens. When she feels the results, she is pleased.
  3. Brain-movies: In a guided meditation I take her to a nice place which is her own and where she feels happy. This place is where she will go to heal. I make sure she remembers the path to this sacred place and tell her to do this every night until falling asleep there.
  4. Breathing exercises and how to control the mood-swings by recognizing signals.
  5. physiotherapy for the tension in head, back and stomach – 3 sessions in 2 weeks.
  6. Full-body massage once a week and home-massage of face and neck twice a day with essential oils.
  7. A small roll-on phial with pure essential oils to be carried in hand-bag and used at first sign of headaches; massage temples and nape of neck.

Used oils:

  • Geranium (pelargonium graveolens) Emotional balance.
  • Ylang-Ylang (cananga odorata) Anger-control.
  • Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) Clarity of mind.
  • Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) Lighten up the inner child.
  • Sandalwood (santalum album) Spirituality and cooling energy.
  • Roman Chamomile (Chamameleum nobile) Deeply relaxing on all levels. Safety
  • Pepper-mint (mentha piperita) Head-aches.
  • Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) Head-aches and clarity.
  • Lavender high altitude (lavandula augustifolia) Head-aches, calming and relaxing.