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The keyword to life is gratitude;

Gratitude for what I have

Gratitude for what I don’t have to suffer

Gratitude for what I survived

Gratitude that it wasn’t worse

Gratitude because it was lovely

Gratitude, no matter how small – even if you have to search for it…

…because gratitude grows, it fills your heart and it carries you through those dark nights of the soul…

…and because without gratitude all you have left is despair, anger, fear, grief and despair…


All those little learnings add up

14269677_10153579724000834_1955684473_nAfter each day I think about what I have learned. It’s important to me and I make it a point to learn something every day, no matter how small or mundane.

The willingness to learn is how you learn, you start paying attention to both your surroundings and what goes on in your head. You try new things and test your borders – just to see if you can.

Along the way you collect all the keys you need to live that wow-life that everybody talks about. It starts in the little things.

Every evening, think of your day; what made you grateful? happy? …and what did you learn?

Every evening you will find yourself one step closer to what you want and you set yourself up to win.


“What goes around,  comes around”. That would imply a circle of punishment or rewards for our action. If we behave badly, bad things happen to us and vice verse. I like the phrase, but I don’t believe in punishment and reward. The more time passes, and I look closely at the implications of my actions, I have come to realize it is the other way around; Karma is one of our keys to learning. Karma is not the response to our actions, it’s the trigger. When Karma happens to us it is because we attract it for our personal growth, and our reactions define who we are. Karma is constant.

Example: Late one night I was driving home on a deserted highway, when suddenly a young man was standing by the road. My first instinct was to pass him…you never know, right? But I stopped and picked him up. It turned out that his moped had run out of gas somewhere and he had been walking for 2 hours, trying to find a gas-station. I took him to a gas-station and he filled up a canister, but then he had no idea whatsoever of where his moped was, somewhere in a village. We drove around for more than an hour in a myriad of little villages until we found it. The boy was only 17 and going back home from his girlfriend’s house and he was totally lost. When he asked me why I had helped him and how he could repay me, I said: “Karma, one day you will do the same thing for somebody else and even if it takes 20 years, when it happens you will remember this”. And honestly, I felt sooo good about myself, I was purring like a cat, thinking; “oh yes, I got myself some good Karma there”.

Looking at this episode today I realize that Karma did not come to me from what I did; the boy was Karma – the choice of helping or not. The situation triggered something in me, defining who I chose to be at that moment. For the boy I was not Karma, the breaking down of the moped and finding himself abandoned in the night was his Karma – not for anything he had done before, but because he needed to learn something about himself.

Karma is there, around us, all the time; the chance to personal growth, it is up to us to choose it. And sometimes Karma comes and hits us so hard in the face, that we lose our breath, this is when a learning experience is absolutely necessary, not because of something we did, or did not, do. We will constantly attract Karma in different ways and the results of our actions is not Karma, it is what we learned from the Karmatic experience.