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The keyword to life is gratitude;

Gratitude for what I have

Gratitude for what I don’t have to suffer

Gratitude for what I survived

Gratitude that it wasn’t worse

Gratitude because it was lovely

Gratitude, no matter how small – even if you have to search for it…

…because gratitude grows, it fills your heart and it carries you through those dark nights of the soul…

…and because without gratitude all you have left is despair, anger, fear, grief and despair…


Do you give thanks?

Do you? Other than on the obvious occasions, I mean. Think about it; giving thanks and feeling gratitude is uplifting and makes life so much more pleasurable, not to speak about the wonders it does to our health 🙂

I shall give you some examples:

  • When your car starts
  • When you fall and don’t hurt yourself
  • When a space is opened up for you just as you come
  • When the chirping of a bird reminds you of spring coming
  • The garbage collectors for keeping your space clean
  • The road workers for keeping the roads safe
  • When something shows up just when you need it the most
  • A drink of water when you are thirsty

I just thanked my oven for keeping me warm in the snow. What, or who, did you just thank?


Since I put a world-map on this site, I am so excited to see that I have readers all over the world. The map only registers places, not how many readers, but no matter if you are one or 20, I am grateful to you for reading what I write, it makes it so much worth my while, and gives me the inspiration to do research and write. This site is for you readers and if any of you have any preferences or questions, please tell me and I will do my best to research and answer all.

Thank you and Bless you all!