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LisaLise’s natural skin care

ll220pxI’d like to introduce an interesting lady that I have been following  for some time. Her blog that is, I am not stalking her 🙂

LisaLise makes natural skin care and has her own brand LisaLise Pure Natural Skin Care. Pop over to check out all the yummy products that she makes and sells.  She has lots of information, DIY recipes and little stories around the products she creates. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in natural skin care. She also writes about mistakes made along the way; why and how and what she learned from it, which is valuable for anybody making skin care for themselves.

LisaLise Blog is of interest to everybody interested in Natural skin care, Both for information on INCI, ingredients and some studies as well as for creating your own products. Enjoy the read…And your experiments 🙂



Forgotten childhood dreams

When I was a child, already at a small age, I was absolutely fascinated by all the pots and bottles the ladies had; lotions, perfumes, creams and make-up. I wanted to know how they were made, these lovely-smelling potions and I was blown away by beautiful jars and bottles. I experimented with flowers in different concoctions to make a cream or perfume which of course never succeeded, but I always had a feeling that the elusive answer was just around the corner.

As with many childhood dreams, I forgot all about it, but my fascination was still there and I would buy products for skincare and make-up. Finally I ended up never really using the stuff. I liked the idea but I’m not a make-up-kind-of-girl.

Since early 80’s I have been looking at skincare from another point of view; natural. I experimented with natural ingredients and it was fun. I can’t say exactly when it became more than a hobby, it’s always been there. And that is what I realized the other day; This was a childhood dream that I forgot and now I am living it. I remember this feeling of fascination in me and I can’t believe I ever forgot it.