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This story is written by a friend of mine about his girlfriend.  It is beautiful and I want to share it with you

The Lion Heart

This a Story about a young girl.
It’s not the kind of Story like all the others,
Filled with magic and mystery.
But it’s about the magic of a young girl.
Till today she is a mystery, the only miracle I have ever seen.
She didn’t fight against Dragons or evil warlords, she is not living in the world of fairy tales and myths.
She lives right here in this world like all of us.
You can picture her fight like a battle against monsters and demons. The real life! The creation of a life, is always tough.
Fighting against inner demons or the monsters of the everyday life.
You will meet them everywhere on your way.
If you go to the train or bus station when you go out shopping or even in situations with your loved ones.
There are just two choices!
Fight them and get clear and strong or get beaten and complain about your misery.
She decided to go the hard way and fight against panic, being insecure, being lonely.
It is never easy to fight because that what you fight against is stronger then any horror creature!
In a way unbeatable!
Then it’s you!
You can win and get yourself together.
Or you lose and be a victim but still you can fight again till you win or give up.
She had reason to give up and millions of reasons to fight for. And she did and still does it.
People will say: “yeah come on it’s easy to do that”
But they just see the picture when it’s done not how hard it was to do it.
With every mistake she did, every time she failed, she went one step back but three steps forward.
Think about how impressive it is to see a young girl fighting like that, not giving up, fighting like a warlord.
To see all this pain, nobody would just choose to go this way by them self. The people are too afraid for that.
But when I look at her I don’t see pain, I see her intent, her courage and the eternal desire to live. To live a life made by independence, by own decisions, without fear to fail. Hungry for experience.
A girl like that can just have a heart like a lion…
Meek And fearless

Written by Christoph Hartkopf-Baumer



My last child just left home. I have had children leave home for 10 yrs and have gotten sort of used to it. But each time before, there was still another child there…or a few. I knew, for many months, that this last one was leaving and I also looked forward to being just me, after 27 years of living a life that revolved around my children because, when they came, I wanted to be next to them until they left me and I wanted it more than anything else. I have used these many years wisely; learning craft and trade, patience and experience. Upon taking stock of those years I realize the staggering amount of knowledge I have accumulated and I wonder how it happened 🙂 I was just living life.

The last weeks before the Little One left, we spent much time together in conversation about all things between heaven and earth. She is as hungry for understanding as I remembered myself to be and kept pushing for answers, irritated by how complicated it was to get them.

“This is life”, I told her. “This, all of this. The answers to your questions; Life is the answer. The time, the frustrations, the understandings, all this is life and it takes a lifetime, no matter how short or long it may be. By living life we are answering our questions, life is what happens when we are living.” As I heard myself speak I felt a deep satisfaction over my life, about all I have done, learned and accomplished. And most of all I felt that deep sense of peace that I was looking for in my youth.

Experience and knowledge take time to collect and all phases in our lives contribute to who we become. From feeling impatient about the time everything took, I am now deeply grateful for that time so that now, when I enter a new phase of life, I have the tools and the knowledge to succeed in what I undertake. I am glad for all my years, for the overview it brings me and I am glad to see that every single thing that happened to me in life, good or bad, taught me something valuable. I was just living life.



The term anosmia means lack of the sense of smell. It may also refer to a decreased sense of smell. Ageusia, a companion word, refers to a lack of taste sensation. Patients who actually have anosmia may complain wrongly of ageusia, although they retain the ability to distinguish salt, sweet, sour, and bitter—humans’ only taste sensations.


Of the five senses, smell ranks fourth in importance for humans, although it is much more pronounced in other animals. Bloodhounds, for example, can smell an odor a thousand times weaker than humans. Taste, considered the fifth sense, is mostly the smell of food in the mouth. The sense of smell originates from the first cranial nerves (the olfactory nerves), which sit at the base of the brain’s frontal lobes, right behind the eyes and above the nose. Inhaled airborne chemicals stimulate these nerves.

There are other aberrations of smell beside a decrease. Smells can be distorted, intensified, or hallucinated. These changes usually indicate a malfunction of the brain.

— J. Ricker Polsdorfer, MD

Even if you don’t have a sense of smell, you will still react to the chemical messages of the essential oil, since they  enter the limbic system of the brain (see earlier posts).

A couple of weeks ago I met a lady who is anosmic. A year ago she suffered a bad fall down a flight of stairs and hit her head. Today she can not smell anything. Her sense of taste is unchanged, her tastebuds functions as they should. But the pleasure of eating is naturally gone. It is not known where the problem lies; if it is in the olfactory nerves, olfactory bulb or in the brain itself. More study has to be done to discern this, if it is even possible.

After talking to her for a while I felt she needed pushy and stimulating oils, and from the selection I made, she chose: Ginger (zingiber officinale), Bay Leaf (laurus nobilis), Myrtle (myrtus communis) and Lime (citrus medica).

And how did she choose when she cannot smell the oils? By watching her very carefully I could see her reactions to the different oils; I also made her aware of these reactions so she could observe her emotions. Very quickly she started to “feel” the oils instead of “trying to smell them”. She was overjoyed by the fact that she was having an experience from aroma. The blend of oils in a base of vegetable oil was wonderfully fresh and energetic. Every time she smelled it a smile would light up her face.

As I have mentioned before, in earlier posts, all scents or aromas do not have this effect.