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Money; where does it come from? and where did it go?

Times are hard for many people as global economy topples and there is not so much we can do about it. People lose money, jobs and homes…All due to economy, and frugality becomes the name of the game. The same goes for when we want something that entails money; we need to get that money, or not spend it.

For the last 20 years it has seemed to me like people are under the impression that everyone can be a millionaire and that is how it should be…Seriously? Of course it all crashes. Problem is that along with this notion came extreme expenditures and nobody saved for a rainy day, now many don’t know how. And while weeping over a lost car, backs are turned on opportunities.

Cleaning up your food will save you loads of money; start cooking. Smaller car maybe? Smaller house? Only on these 3 points, you can save a fortune. Interestingly enough, when you start cutting your expenditure you also start living a healthier and more sustainable life.