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Learning from children

I found this very interesting article that I would like to share with you. Dr Stephen Cowan is a pediatrician since 25 years and in this article he writes about “the larger picture” of having children or living with children.


FatherAndSonPlayingOnPath900-850x400It is a very eye-opening read, go check it out.


Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon | EUTimes.net

toxic to bees, toxic to us

toxic to bees, toxic to us

I suggest you take the time to read this article as it pertains to global health. The more we inform ourselves on important issues, the better choices we can make. It used to be possible to hide your head in the sand, like the ostrich, but those days are gone forever. Now everybody needs information and knowledge to understand how to survive into the future, not only as a country or a people, but as a world. You might not be hit by this, but your children definitely will be. So inform yourself and take a stand, at one point your opinion will be called upon.

Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon | EUTimes.net.

What are you prepared to give up for life?

Mother Earth is suffering, worse, she’s seriously sick, and she needs help NOW. Right this minute and every minute after that for as long as you can imagine. This is reality. Mother Earth is our life-support and when she suffers, we suffer. She is ill and so are we. The question is; what are you prepared to do, or give up, to save her…And yourself?

It is daunting, isn’t it? Multinational corporations that can’t be touched, using up, polluting and destroying our world. We feel very small in their shadow. We rave and we rant, looking for “clean” solutions, which is good but only goes so far. We live in a world where we take the results of this destruction for granted; electricity, fuel for our cars, foods from everywhere in our corner-shop, new machines, technology…Most everything that we use and feel we need – Every day! What are you prepared to give up? Will you exchange your car for a cleaner alternative, or maybe start commuting? Will you stop buying stuff? Will you turn off your electricity even though it is not a question of economy? Will you keep your old telly, computer, stereo, phone that still works fine and forego the fancy new model? Will you start repairing your old clothes instead of buying new? Everything is limited and everything has a cost. There is no such thing as unlimited resources.

Earth Hour; one hour per year people turn of their electricity to make a stand for Mother Earth; that’s one hour out of 8 760 hours in a year. Why am I not impressed? A lot of people won’t even do this one hour, I have heard some of the comments; “what should I do for one hour without my machines…?” And during this one hour, closed stores are still lit up like Christmas trees so we can look through the window and drool over all the stuff we think that we need or want.

People; if you want change, you will have to be the change. We are all consumers and as such we hold tremendous power. The multinational corporations might seem daunting and we stand before them as Don Quixote before the windmills. But we are the world! Every little person put together become the ruler, but only if we are prepared to put it into action. So again; What are you prepared to give up for life?

How safe are your skin care products?

Our bodies absorb 60% of what we put on it (in 26 seconds!). Children’s bodies absorb 40-50% more. This is a scary fact and we need to become more aware about what we actually use for skin care, not least for our children. Toxins are present in most skin care products and even though the quantities may be small, they build up in the body. How many products do you use daily? What is in them? What about your children?


smelling1The whole point to scenting with essential oils is because they are mood-enhancers and they will make a difference in how we feel, or perceive, our environment. In the early 90’s a study was made where essential oil of petit-grain (Citrus aurantium) and grapefruit (Citrus paradisii) were used to scent the air in an underground pedestrian tunnel. Pedestrians were asked simple questions before entering the scented tunnel(1) and after(2).

  1. How do you perceive the underground tunnel? Everybody without exception said it made them anxious and ill at ease.
  2. Everybody without exception said they felt uplifted and calm.

Just a small example of what essential oils can do to your emotional world. Essential oils are basically balancing, meaning they will bring you to a good state of normality when you are upset in any way. Upset can also be over-the-top high and stressed out by something wonderful; essential oils will bring you back to a level where you will still feel wonderful, but in a balanced way. When you feel down or angry or scared, the oils will help you to balance that by their up-lifting properties.

For use of different oils, please see earlier posts where I present useful oils for different states of mind.

How to do it:

  • Aroma candles;….sort of. Essential oils are volatile and burn easily. I have experimented much with this and all that happens is that the oils smell slightly burned and the candle burns too high and gives off a blackish smoke. Essential oils in aromacandles are usually blends of synthetic fragrances that do nothing but smell good. This in itself can be enough if you are happy with that.
  • Aroma burners; Definitely. You fill the cup with water and 3-10 dr. of essential oils (depending on the size of the space you want to scent.) and light a tea-candle under. BUT; if there is not enough water so it burns away; the essential oils will get burned, leaving a not so nice smell and a almost impossible-to-remove-residue in the bowl. Aroma-burners can be a bit messy.
  • Electrical burners & bulb-rings; Easy to use and the oil will not burn since the heat is controlled. Good to use in children’s room since it doesn’t really need any supervision. Don’t forget to unplug it!
  • Aroma-fans; These are the best. The essential oil is dropped onto a filter that fits on top of a fan. Electrical current (or batteries) moves the fan so the essential oils are dispersed into the air. This way the oils are never heated or warmed, making them keep maximum therapeutic power. Used in this way the essential oils effectively kill a large percent of airborne bacteria and pathogens.
  • Aroma stones; Good for personal use like in an office or your car. Scents a small area since there is no heat or motion to move the oils into the atmosphere.
  • Hot water / radiator; functions for momentary uses; like in the bathroom. Just a drop or 2 of essential oil in the hand-basin, rinse with warm water and the bathroom is beautifully scented. Essential oils on cotton-balls behind the radiator works fine if you are sure they will not catch on fire!!! Better to float essential oils on hot water in a bowl.

The thing to know is that essential oils are volatile; they “fly” easily which is also why they burn easily. Heat or motion (such as a fan) is always needed to disperse them.

The Japanese are very forward with the whole scenting business; they were already using essential oils in the ventilation-systems of big offices back in the mid-90’s.  They were/are also pioneering the use of scented billboards and  scented video-publicity in public places. The idea is this: If you are constantly bombarded with an uplifting scent each time you see the publicity for, say a washing-powder, you will – almost automatically – buy that powder, since you are programmed by the scent to feel good whenever you see the packaging….brilliant! And it functions so well.

Essential oils will not cover up a smell or anesthetize your olfactory system. But they will make things smell nicer and they will definitely make you feel better, calmer and happier.