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The aura consists of energetic layers, a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. Some people consciously see or sense auric energy. Most children have a strong sense for this. The aura is not consistent, it can grow larger or smaller depending on situations and feelings. A blind lady I met when I was a child, told me she “felt” colors; she was a textile-artist and worked with wool – her work was amazing!

Auras are forever interacting and communicating; this is how we pick up subtle information about our surroundings, such as people we meet. Did you ever stop and think about how you perceive other people? Why do you feel good with some and bad with others? The same goes for places; auras communicate.

Some tips on how you – unknowingly – experience your aura:

  • When you are in a crowded place other people are actually “in your space” (aura) and you feel cramped. Usually you feel “dirty” and want to take a shower when you come home – even though you showered before you went out. This feeling of “dirt” shows up as a foggy gray in the aura and needs to be “washed out”. A shower helps to clear the energy.
  • If you are stressed, the aura is clinging close to your body, giving a feeling of pressure. Go out into nature and you feel how the “pressured” feeling lifts and you have lots of space. You might even feel yourself “soaring”. Usually this can be felt around the head.
  • Next time you meet somebody new; what are your first impressions? Do you feel comfortable around them or not? How do you feel this? Some people make you feel as if they are embracing you – from across the room. Others will make you shy away in discomfort.
  • When you come into a space that is supposed to be empty and it’s not; you always sense that somebody is there. How?
  • When people come close to you, when do you start feeling invaded, at what distance? Does it differ with different people?

Look at these expressions we use in daily life:

  • “He’s larger than life”. About a person who seems to fill a room, even if they are tiny.
  • “Embrace the situation”. You can’t physically hug a situation…
  • “I felt he saw through me” or “I can read you like an open book”. No, we don’t have x-ray vision.
  • “You are invading my space”. From yards away.

All of these things, we know. We call it intuition or the sixth sense. Actually it is a very basic communication that existed way before other communication. I will leave you with a thought:

Science states that the Neanderthal-people had undeveloped speech-organs and research is done to discern what kind of sounds they were able to make. (http://www.handtomouth.ucl.ac.uk/project4/) It is understood that they had a very developed sign-language. They were mostly meat-eaters and would hunt such large animals as the mammoth. To do this, a large group would have to work together over an area so large that they probably couldn’t see each-other. Add to that the fact that any loud sounds would scare off the intended prey…how did they communicate? Just an interesting thought…



(Yogin with six chakras, India, Punjab Hills, Kangra, late 1700s National Museum.)

We are more than just physical matter; as the proverbial iceberg, there is even more of us “under the surface”, or surrounding our physical bodies as it were; this is what I call the energetics. The physical body is energy as well, only more dense. We have an energetic intelligence which we call intuition and also an energetic memory. Without knowing it, often without believing it, we constantly use and live through our energetic selves.

Let’s start from the beginning : All physical matter is made out of atoms, atoms are energy; There is a dense central nucleus that contains positively charged protons and electronically charged neutrons. Around the nucleus there is a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The mass of an atom is miniscule and 99.9% is made up of space. Atoms lack a well-defined outer boundary, so their dimensions are usually described in terms of an atomic radius. (Atoms form about 4% of the total energy density of the observable universe, with an average density of about 0.25¬†atoms/m3. Just to give you an idea of the space…

Since all materia is made of atoms it is safe to say that 99.9% of that what we perceive to be matter is space and that the boundaries we believe to be defined are actually atomic radius = energy. So this is what our bodies are made of; tiny specs of materia in a vast space with undefined boundaries. Now we’re talking!


All native healing traditions use the concept of energetics; from native tribes all over the world to the more known Ayur Vedic traditions and homeopathy. From widely different cultures, we see the recurrent form of chakra’s and auras, the “basic blueprint” of human energetics. More about chakra’s and aura in following posts.



(picture from: /www.vtaide.com/png/atom.htm)