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THE MOBILE TERROR and disrespect

I searched long and hard to find a simple phone that does only calls and messages. I have found one. It does other things too – barely – but I don’t bother about that. It was the cheapest phone on the market and they will probably not exist for very long, so I better stack up 🙂 I love my paper-agenda (that fits in all bags) with its post-it-stickers and messy, lived in look. I hate it when somebody’s phone takes precedence in a talk/meeting with me…so rude! And usually it’s not even important. I hate it when people expect me to be constantly available – even on the loo? And I hate it when vile ring-signals disturb the peace at a nice restaurant, during a movie or whatever.
I say; start smelling the flowers, lie on the grass and watch the trees.

That said, I still experience a slight quickening of my heartbeat when I realize that I have forgotten my phone – stress. Even if it is only to go to the train-station in the next village, 5 km away, to pick up someone. I think: “What if something happens? Without my phone I am stranded – AAArrrghhh!” This is so ridiculous that I blush.

I have hitch-hiked alone through Europe, brought up 4 children, lived an isolated life in the forest and never did I have a phone. How on earth did I survive? I think we forget about the time when mobile phones didn’t exist and how easily we lived our lives anyway. You made a date with someone and kept it. Now you make a date with someone and if something happens along the way, you just call and everything is okay…and somehow it is as if more things tend to happen “on the way” since the mobile-phones, and we have become nonchalant.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the mobile phone. It massively simplifies life…I just don’t like the space they are taking in people’s lives and I don’t like that I sometimes feel stressed by the expected availability of my person. So I make rules; there are times when I am just not available; when I give treatments, when I speak with a friend, at a restaurant, movie, concert. On the loo and when in bed – whatever I happen to be doing there. I want to be the kind of person that gives 100% attention to the person in front of me. And if I feel that I can’t do that – well, then I stay on my own. And when I do answer my phone, I am available and I will give the person the attention they deserve.