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Do you give thanks?

Do you? Other than on the obvious occasions, I mean. Think about it; giving thanks and feeling gratitude is uplifting and makes life so much more pleasurable, not to speak about the wonders it does to our health ๐Ÿ™‚

I shall give you some examples:

  • When your car starts
  • When you fall and don’t hurt yourself
  • When a space is opened up for you just as you come
  • When the chirping of a bird reminds you of spring coming
  • The garbage collectors for keeping your space clean
  • The road workers for keeping the roads safe
  • When something shows up just when you need it the most
  • A drink of water when you are thirsty

I just thanked my oven for keeping me warm in the snow. What, or who, did you just thank?


LisaLise’s natural skin care

ll220pxI’d like to introduce an interesting lady that I have been followingย  for some time. Her blog that is, I am not stalking her ๐Ÿ™‚

LisaLise makes natural skin care and has her own brand LisaLise Pure Natural Skin Care. Pop over to check out all the yummy products that she makes and sells.ย  She has lots of information, DIY recipes and little stories around the products she creates. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in natural skin care. She also writes about mistakes made along the way; why and how and what she learned from it, which is valuable for anybody making skin care for themselves.

LisaLise Blog is of interest to everybody interested in Natural skin care, Both for information on INCI, ingredients and some studies as well as for creating your own products. Enjoy the read…And your experiments ๐Ÿ™‚


Nature’s baby food

All vegetable oils come from seeds, berries and fruits that create their oil to feed the next generation. The oil is rich in nutrients to make the new plant strong and sturdy enough to grow root and flourish. Can you imagine that kind of nutrition? I mean, some of those seeds are so incredibly small you wonder how they make it…But they do.

We collect their oils; sunflower, avocado, passionflower, shea butter. When the fats are extracted and handled with care, we receive amazing power-packed nutrition for our skin and bodies; every little cell of it.

So nature’s baby food is our super food. Thank you Mother Nature โค

Care for Skin care

Your foods needs care; you put perishables in the fridge, keep foodstuffs away from direct heat and light. If you don’t, you know it will go rancid, rotten, sour…Bad and you don’t want that because you know it will affect your health. If you find that something just doesn’t go bad, you know it is full of chemicals and should probably not be eaten at all. Think about the milk that will last for 6 months in room temperature, or the baked goods you forgot in the cupboard and on finding it 1 year later it looked exactly the same?

Jump to skin-care: We feed our skin exactly as we feed our bodies; with nutrients that will sustain the cells and keep them healthy. What kind of care do we take of our skin care products? Truth is, none at all. They are carried in bags during long hot sunny days, left with the lid off, are exposed to direct light and heat. They are expected to be inert, have no reaction at all and constantly stay exactly the same – sometimes for years. Look, texture, scent…It never changes. FAIL! Something that never changes no matter what you expose it to is DEAD or filled with such an amount of chemicals that it will probably do you harm. At best, it will do nothing at all.

There is a rave for natural skin care products; real fats and herbal extracts, preferably organic and sustainable. We want the REAL THING and lobby against chemicals. “Parabens will give you cancer, petroleum chemicals are dangerous and non-sustainable, animal fat is disgusting…” Different bodies are creating lists upon lists on what is not allowed in skin care, which is as it should be.

BUT, if you want all that yummy, natural, nutritious stuff, you need to care for it: Fats melt and go rancid in heat and light, herbal extracts deteriorate. If it is alive and vibrant, it is susceptible to deterioration. Take care of your products; put the cap on, keep it away from heat and light, store it cool and dark. A natural product has about 6 months lifespan in your bathroom cupboard, 12 months if stored cool and dark.

And trust me; if it doesn’t go bad when kept in bad conditions, it is not natural. Think of milk, butter and fruit…

I want to build…something like this

I spent many of my years building and renovating my home in the forest, always on the lookout for cheap and efficient solutions. Since that time of my life I decided I do not enjoy it, worse, I loath renovating and building. When I came to Luxembourg a team of guys renovated my house and I watched…Liked that a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lately I have been looking into natural homes and I love it! I wish I had known about this at the time, I would so have incorporated the idea in my plans. I always thought that this would work only for warmer climates, I was wrong.

Now I would like so much to use these techniques to build a house, or a garden house or maybe only a fireplace in the garden…Or a bench? Whatever, I have to try this out at one point. The decorative work is absolutely gorgeous!

The pics are from this FB-page


Sometimes I meet people who are either very afraid of using essential oils, or very careless. I think essential oil safety is an issue that needs addressing. The bulk of essential oils are used by the food, cosmetics and toiletries industry. It is mainly used as a taste-enhancer in foods or as a scent in different household and cosmetic products. Therapeutic grade essential oils are used by aromatherapists, natural perfumers, natural skin-care manufacturers and laymen (anybody who enjoys using oils around the house). Therapeutic grade means either ecologically / traditionally grown or wild harvested.

Essential oils are concentrates which means that they are strong. You don’t rub the entire content of a 10ml bottle into your skin or put it in your bath; you use some drops. There is a huge amount of information on how to use EO’s around the house and if you follow the advice given, there should be no problem. An aromatherapist has received in-depth training on EO’s; how, why and when to use them (or not). Often they use the oils in different dosages or ways than you would find in a book. This doesn’t mean that the oils suddenly become dangerous, it just means that with training you learn to use EO’s therapeutically for specific problems. You won’t find this in books, it is not for laymen to play around with and if using EO’s would be that easy there is no point with professional training.

Popular literature give people access to these wonderful oils without causing themselves harm. That’s why the dosages are kept low, administration routes are safe and many oils have warnings. When your therapist uses any of the “dangerous” oils, the ones with warnings, she/he has a reason. It’s like medicine; you can buy aspirin over the counter but not antibiotics… Essential oils are widely available and if people would use them in a seriously therapeutic way without knowledge there would arise so many problems that the oils would become restricted.

In the early 90’s Tea tree was banned because there were many reports of skin irritations, subsequently Tea tree was deemed hazardous and taken of the market. We know today that Tea tree is a very safe and useful oil but at the time popular belief said you could use the oil for any skin-problem, mainly acne, but there was no information on dosage or how to use it, therefore careless use was what created the problem, not the oil itself. Sage (Salvia officinalis) is an EO that should be used with caution yet it is a cooking herb. It’s all about concentration and dosage.

Do enjoy these gorgeous oils carefully and when you are not sure or you are facing a serious problem, contact a professional. You won’t find the answer in a book or on the internet.

…and then came Body

Let’s stick with Body for a while; the joy of body in well-being is severely underrated. It’s always about exercise, food, stay fit, don’t get too fat or too thin… I think a lot of people find this intensely stressful and have problems incorporating a healthy (and happy) body-view in their lives because it’s boring. Being fit and healthy comes from joy, if you don’t find joy in your regime, the body will not answer in a positive way; you will get crabby from not eating enough and pains from a training program you don’t enjoy. Or you will get so stuck in staying “fit”, that it blinds you.

For me it’s dancing and the work with horses, this keeps me fit. Not because I am looking for fitness, but because they are highlights in my life. Being fit, healthy and strong is the added bonus. I also like my short, intense interval trainings because I like the feeling of my muscles. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have to think too much about it since it is all “automatic” somehow. I eat because I get hungry and I sleep well because my body is happy to rest and my head gets quiet.

So try finding something you really like; walking, dancing, riding, running, drumming, football…Whatever. As long as it keeps you moving you will stay fit because your body and mind will wish for it. No more boring exercise and complicated diet-schemes. Clean up your food (easily done) and get that body moving. If this puts a smile on your face, stay with it. Our bodies are made to move and when you give body what it needs you can wave goodbye to hurtful stress, illness and depression. Moving body is the fastest way to an instant high…What’s not to like?