It’s a generational thing…

A lot of stuff. Not least the speed! Fast movies, fast music, fast communication, fast, fast, fast. In a way this should make us live more in the moment, but I am afraid it doesn’t. Movies: I watch movies from my youth, which means the movies on the TV from the 20’s through the 50’sContinue reading “It’s a generational thing…”

Who was the guy in the bag?

I have had another response to the posts “Crying Soldier”  and “What are the odds” This time from a lady called Catherine; She wrote me that the man in the body-bag, the friend of the crying soldier, was her husband, Spec. Andy Alaniz. They were young, in love, newly married and pregnant when he wasContinue reading “Who was the guy in the bag?”


This story is written by a friend of mine about his girlfriend.  It is beautiful and I want to share it with you The Lion Heart This a Story about a young girl. It’s not the kind of Story like all the others, Filled with magic and mystery. But it’s about the magic of aContinue reading “THE LION HEART”

TIME FOR HEALING and we’re a lot stronger than we think

Healing takes time, yes but we don’t allow for time. We try to cut time with the help of different interventions such as medication, operation, pain-killers…Anything to speed up the process, preferably without pain. We believe ourselves to be weak and fragile, susceptible to any disease or accident. If this were the case we, asContinue reading “TIME FOR HEALING and we’re a lot stronger than we think”

There is a Right Place for everybody

I am Swedish, my papers say so and my parents are Swedish. I was born in Japan and lived there until I was seven years old when we moved to Sweden. I felt Japanese and considered Japan my home. My “mother” was my Japanese nanny whom I loved dearly , she was my “safe place”.Continue reading “There is a Right Place for everybody”

It says more about you than about me…

Preconceived ideas. How many of them do we carry around and do we realize that we have them? I have been experimenting with this…Naughty, I know. Fun? Oh yes. 3 different experiments; 1) clothes 2) my company 3) walking with a bad limp. Results? Clothes: I go to a hardware store all dressed up inContinue reading “It says more about you than about me…”

ROBIN HOOD is a taoist…

This post is from another blog I’ve been writing and some of you may recognize it. I like the picture. Take from the rich and give to the poor – this is the way of the Tao…And Robin Hood. This is a basic idea taught to us already when we are little children and asContinue reading “ROBIN HOOD is a taoist…”

The invisible child

If you don’t know Mumin, check it out. The author is Tove Jansson and the original stories of Mumin are by now well-known. In one of the stories an invisible child shows up on the doorstep of the Mumin-house. She excuses herself for her invisibility, explaining that she is very frightened, but can she pleaseContinue reading “The invisible child”