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The Shocking Story of How Aspartame Became Legal

Sweet and deadly

Sweet and deadly

You know how I am always ranting about the dangers of fake sugars and how nobody in their right mind should ever use them? Part of that is a deep gut feeling that it is bad, seriously bad; a health-hazard, and part is from reading a lot of reports. Problem is that it is FDA-approved which means that most people think it’s safe…It’s not! Aspartam is used in so many products that you have to go through the ingredient listings on all prefabricated food-stuffs to check if it is there. And you really don’t want your children to ingest this stuff! I can pick up the taste no matter how low the dose, there is something definitely dodgy about it, it actually tastes toxic.

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FOODS and some basic truths

Truth number one: EAT CLEAN. This means:

  • foodCook from raw materials (saves you a ton of money 🙂 )
  • Don’t eat prefabricated stuff
  • Stay away from anything that is not natural; fake sugars, weird taste-enhancers, low-fat and/or manipulated dairy-products (milk that lasts forever…), margarine, manipulated vegetable oil (usually called cooking or frying oil).
  • Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks
  • Don’t eat anything that has a number or a coded name; if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.
  • Be careful with your intake of sugars and salt.
  • DO eat; protein, carbohydrates and fat…Real fat, like vegetable oils, butter and cream (if you do dairy).

I have found that when I eat the way my body dictates I am fine. I need to be careful with too much carbs such as flour, bread and pasta and I don’t handle sugar well. I can’t eat many little meals in a day and I need 1-2 days/week without food to stay in balance. For the rest, I’m good. Listening to your body is do-able if your basic diet is clean (see above). If not, you are a food-junkie and your body will be crying for sugars, carbs, manipulated fats and weird taste-enhancers. Then you can’t trust your body so start by cleaning up. An excellent (and easy) way to do that is with the new_elimination_diet_coverELIMINATION DIET from Dax Moy. It is free and you can find it HERE. (and you won’t have to be hungry or calory-count) Trust me, I did it. That’s how I found out that I can’t handle carbs. (While you’re at it, check out Dax Moy’s blog)

Now to the amazing research that has come up: If you fast 2 days/week you get healthier! You lose weight, your “bad” cholesterol goes down as does glucose. And here is the bonus: Your brain stays fitter and produces new brain cells continuously which lowers risks for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Your body actually stays “younger” and healthier, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Check out the research of Luigi Fontana, Valter Longo and Krista Varady Personally I don’t agree with Krista Varaday about eating any crap on “feed-days”, I think you do your body a dis-favour. The basic of all eating is keeping it clean and natural.

My conclusion?  Going back to the times of our origins: Food was not always easy to come by and I truly think we are biological creatures, little changed physically from those ancient times. We are not made to constantly eat, nor are we made to deal with refined sugars or to eat meat every day or even every 2nd or 3rd day, it is a “sometimes-boost”. Our bodies like carbs in the form of nuts and grains. I also believe that we all have different rhythms, needs and patterns. I am not saying that my way is the right way for everybody, just that it works for me. And that makes me believe that if you find what works for you, you will be healthier and stronger as well. And remember; whatever food habits you have are probably set already from childhood, so if you are a parent, pay attention to what you feed your kids.

Medicine – science, nature or both?

Thymus vulgaris

Thymus vulgaris

Over the years I have seen how closely body and mind works together; If you can balance one part, the other usually follows, sometimes followed by “miraculous healing”. We are biology and as such, we are part of a whole. If we could not heal “miraculously”, we would not exist as a species today, we would be extinct. Sometimes people are to die, it is the way of nature, and no medicine in the world will keep them alive, and sometimes my work is about helping people to die in peace. It may be frustrating to my sensibilities as a healer, but it is also an acceptance of the way of nature – a hard learned lesson for somebody like me who likes to heal…

Every tiniest thing in the Universe is under constant change; like bacteria: With the introduction of penicillin it was believed that bacteria would now be controlled once and for all, never to raise their ugly heads again, but one thing was overlooked; the fact that everything strives for survival, bacteria included. By using antibiotics indiscriminately for every little thing, we have created a new problem; antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The “oh-so-powerful” antibiotics came to a standstill; at best, they do nothing, at worst they diminish the immune-system, leaving body unprotected against the bacteria we all carry around and these bacteria turn on us and devour us. I have seen people  that have been on broad-spectra antibiotics of different kinds for weeks and months on end. Sometimes intravenously…Did it help? No.

laboratory containersI want to make it clear here, that I am not attacking anybody; neither doctors, scientists or the medical system. We all do the best we can but nature will not be controlled and sometimes off-beat healing methods can work really well. I am not a doctor, but I know a lot of doctors and work side by side with a few of them. They have their limits, as do I, or any kind of healer. But if we work together we can find solutions. Nature is coming into play again, and natural antibiotics such as essential oils are being found to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria quite successfully. The healing power of nature can be harnessed and used, but it can not be recreated in a laboratory.

Essential oils – therapy or perfumery?

Aromatherapy is basically an empirical knowledge handed down and perfected through the centuries. Certain empirical traits of essential oils have later been correlated by science. Perfumery is the twin of aromatherapy where scents are used to enhance, seduce and heighten awareness.

Essential oils are both medicines and perfumes. At one time the line between the two was more or less non-existent.

When essential oils are used for aromatherapy or medicine, there are special criteria; the EO’s have to be fresh, unadulterated and organic or wild. Chemistry is important when using EO’s therapeutically or medically since the chemistry in oils change with age and oxidation, therefore changing the effects of the EO’s. The fresher and purer an oil is, the better it will work.

For perfumery there are other criteria, scent is the name of the game. Each single scent as well as what they become in a blend. Chemistry isn’t really important unless you want to reconstruct chemically (which is impossible to do). With natural fragrances there is a marriage that happens between the oils in a blend and this can only be discerned by the nose. Aged or oxidized oils sometimes have a deeper and rounder scent such as rose and patchouli for example, making them more suited to perfumery.

Essential oils are useful in so many different ways; sometimes they can heal an infection, and sometimes they are a voyage of discovery through their gorgeous scent. To me EO’s are magical; I make medicine, skin-care, perfume…Whatever, they are always part of my life and after more than 20 years of living and working with them, unlocking their secrets and learning how to use them, I find myself with more questions than when I started; it is wonderful to constantly find new dimensions within this beautiful world of natural scents.

Essential oils as medicines

This is the editorial comment in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Vol. 1 issue 1 2012. The editor is Paul Schnitzler,  Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Heidelberg Medical School, Germany.

“Plants produce primary and secondary metabolites, which have been exploited by humans for many different beneficial purposes. Many secondary plant metabolites, e.g. terpenes, terpenoids, alkaloids and phenolic compounds have been well characterized. Essential oils are considered the chemical weapons of plants, as their compounds may deter insects or protect plants against bacterial and fungal infections. They also act as plant pheromones to attract insects. In traditional medicine, lots of plant products have been widely used for the treatment of neurologic diseases, cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases and plants represent an abundant source of new bioactive secondary metabolites.

According to the Communicable Diseases Centre in the US, about one third of prescribed antibiotics were inappropriate thus stating an overuse and misuse of antibiotics. Essential oils are also highly active against multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), one of the so-called hospital super bugs, as well as more common and well-known infections like herpes labialis. In addition to antibacterial and antiviral effects, essential oils have been shown to possess many useful pharmacological properties, often being more effective than conventional drugs and revealing fewer side effects.

Oregano oil gland

Although the number of published papers on anti-infective properties of medicinal plants is increasing during the last years, most of these papers seem to somehow disappear and do not attract physicians and pharmacologists. On the other side, there is often lack of finance to continue research to the clinical trial level. This area is largely dominated by pharmaceutical companies, who can afford costly clinical trials. It also seems that natural and complementary therapies are pushed aside by pharmaceutical companies.

Although there is no shortage of research on the antimicrobial effects of medicinal and aromatic plants, it is somehow ignored in industrialized countries. Prescribed drugs are more convenient for patients and physicians, although natural products might offer an alternative in treatment of many different diseases. In resource-limited countries, conventional medications are often not affordable or not available and consequently natural products are the medication of choice.

Our goal is to provide scientific results that can be reproduced by others, thus standardized plant products are required. If more standardized and only high quality natural products are used in basic research as well as in clinical trials, the critics might be convinced and acceptance of medicinal plant products might be increased. Investigators are also encouraged to explore the potential of phytopreparations in combination with synthetic drugs in order to enhance pharmacological actions. High quality plant products and more clinical trials are urgently needed to establish rational phytotherapy.”

TIME FOR HEALING and we’re a lot stronger than we think

Healing takes time, yes but we don’t allow for time. We try to cut time with the help of different interventions such as medication, operation, pain-killers…Anything to speed up the process, preferably without pain. We believe ourselves to be weak and fragile, susceptible to any disease or accident. If this were the case we, as a species, wouldn’t even exist today. If we were as weak as we make ourselves out to be, we would have been extinct ages ago!

Our bodies have amazing built-in healing properties if we allow it and more often than not, the interventions we do are wasted. By taking away pain we lose contact with the body, thus overriding the signals and put more negative pressure on it. But of course, without the pain we are right back in circulation…For a while. The same goes for some surgery; it momentary fixes the problem but over time it might worsen and even become a hindrance, creating pain and stiffness.

Take the common cold; the normal run of a cold is usually 3-5 days with fever, aches and pains, runny nose, aching throat, head-aches and tiredness. All of these symptoms are because your body is doing its job. We are supposed to sleep, sneeze and sleep again. When it’s over, it’s over. There are a plethora of medication for colds designed to take away the fever, pain and what-have-you. Oftentimes you even get antibiotics, which is like killing a fly with a bazooka or even wasted if your cold is viral. But sure, within a day or so you’re up and running…For a while and then you find yourself battling the same original cold during the coming months, never really in shape, always a bit sick and weak. You can’t over-rule your body and expect it to function properly.

The more medication and intervention you use, you weaken your body’s own defense-system, it just stops working and you end up getting sick for any little thing, or even worse; you are never perfectly healthy. At the time when I had 3 children under the age of 5, I blessed the times they had a cold – all of them at the same time. With a normal fever that made them sleep A LOT, they healed quickly without really having to deal with the down-side of aches and pains. I checked them regularly and enjoyed the peace 🙂 They are, today, all healthy individuals with strong immune-systems, just they way it should be.

PLACEBO and what it reveals

Placebo is “a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.” Wikipedia

By the way; placebo is latin and means I shall please (got to like that)

Let’s look at placebo for exactly what it is: When placebo is introduced as the real thing it can induce healing – as if it was the real thing. Interesting, isn’t it? In one clinical trial placebo had a 30% success-rate compared to an anti-depressant drug that had a 40% success-rate. I’d say that’s pretty high.

In another study (and I will put this really simply, you can read the abstract here): Healthy humans in 2 test-groups were injected with either saline or insulin and at the same time exposed to a conditioned stimulus (CS)  for 5 days. On the 6th day both groups received saline along with the CS and in the insulin-group the same results were had as when they received insulin. The CS induces the expected response and the saline is the placebo. In this study the CS was an olfactory stimulus (think scent).

Conclusion: Body and Mind are obviously super-linked and hold a tremendous healing power within itself. But how do we access this innate power? That’s the question. And how can essential oils be used in this process?