iStock_000009150487SmallI started studying aromatherapy in the late 80’s and have since then studied, worked with and taught aromatherapy. I am a professional therapist and see clients in one-on-one sessions as well as training professionals to use essential oils within their specific fields; nurses, geriatric care, massage-therapists, physiotherapists, coaches and others. From 1997-2005 I trained professional aromatherapists at Aroma Institutet in Gävle, Sweden.

From the first moment I came across the essential oils I have had a deep love and interest in what they can do. I have grown herbs, distilled and experimented with herbs and oils in every possible way. This is a passion that grows ever stronger and I am forever looking for more information, both empirical and scientific. Through the years this has brought me in contact with a wide variety of areas such as scientific groups, universities, automobile industry, skin care formulations and more.

In 1997-1999 I formulated the first products for the skin-care brand “Wise naturkosmetik” ( in Sweden.


I offer workshops and seminars on demand, both for professionals and for home-use. Each workshop or seminar is structured to fit the target-group. If you are interested and would like to know more, please see the “contact” page.



  1. Hello, do you sell wise naturkosmetik in Lux? Is the website available or short overview in English?

    • Hi annet, I don’t sell Wise naturkosmetik in Luxembourg. I think it is only available in Sweden and the website is in Swedish. I am sure you can contact them and ask for details, they will speak English. Good luck.

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