Anna Dannfelt

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I am Anna with all my different people inside; the warrior, the therapist, the businesswoman, the perfumer, the gardener, the mother, the student, the creator… All of them making me who I am.

I coach, I heal, I listen, I teach, I grow, I learn, I create – that’s my business.

A very good quote from Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking):

“How do I know if I can if I don’t try?”



7 responses to “Anna Dannfelt

  1. i just found a website, spirir beauty lounge, that offers a whole bunch of great organic/natural products. i just can’t afford to pay what they want. i’m a single mom of 2 and mane 11,000 a year (so i can spend more time with them). are those products easily made at home? – body oils, face oils, etc?

    • Hi Christy, thanks for stopping by. Yes, most of the skin-care you need can easily be made in your home. I have a link on this website to a “make-it-yourself” site. It’s fun and you will never find better skin-care than the stuff you make for yourself. Go ahead and read the posts on the blog about skin-care and wellness and you’ll see what I mean. Please stop by again, and if you have questions, go ahead and ask 🙂

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  3. Hej på dig Anna!

    Många fina minnen ifrån Malmköping finns i detta sinnet som indirekt
    via musik har funnit balans och njuter av vardagen i Mölndal.

    Inga ufon som kretsar runt men däremot en stark guide och många
    möten på sista tiden…. kul att DU nu finns! (får tacka Perra här som letat runt)


    //Daniel 🙂

  4. I found this site searching for aromatherapist with experience with CP. I am Nordlysmassasjeterapeut, from Silkeborg, DK, and have recenty taken a year’s study in natural-medisinal uses of aromatherapy (naturmedisinsk aromatherapeut). I am presently working with adults with multihandicap (my original field of study). I am very interessted in uses oils with my pupils, yet I would like more information about the oils I especially need to avoid for people with epilepsi, CP. i would like to hear from others who have experience working with persons living with these conditions. Debbie

    • Hi Debbie, Glad to hear from you. Essential oils can be a big help but has to be used with care. The best thing is if you find an aromatherapist to work together with. Aside that, there are “safe” oils you can use so long as you dilute them well (maximum 2%) such as lavender, orange, rose… If you would like to talk more with me you can find me on Skype: annadannfelt or send me an email on

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