Do you give thanks?

Do you? Other than on the obvious occasions, I mean. Think about it; giving thanks and feeling gratitude is uplifting and makes life so much more pleasurable, not to speak about the wonders it does to our health πŸ™‚

I shall give you some examples:

  • When your car starts
  • When you fall and don’t hurt yourself
  • When a space is opened up for you just as you come
  • When the chirping of a bird reminds you of spring coming
  • The garbage collectors for keeping your space clean
  • The road workers for keeping the roads safe
  • When something shows up just when you need it the most
  • A drink of water when you are thirsty

I just thanked my oven for keeping me warm in the snow. What, or who, did you just thank?

Published by From Subconscious to Superconscious

Aroma-therapist, Botanical skin care and perfumes, Inspiring speaker and coach for personal development. I am an archer who likes to play with fire and sew costumes.

6 thoughts on “Do you give thanks?

  1. I give thanks but I always give thanks to somebody who is real and not to imaginary things. Yesterday I thanked the tech that came and fixed the computer connection that I lost most of the day. Why I thanked anybody for that is a mystery. Somebody didn’t do their job right and I must have been on the phone for hours trying to get it straightened out. But the poor tech wasn’t at fault so I thanked him. He had to work out in the freezing cold through no fault of his own.

    Now, may I give thanks to you for letting me have this little rant. LOL πŸ™‚

  2. I thank synchronicity of life for summarising the thought patterns inside my head with posts like these from beautiful people in the past/present, showing that we are still connected through something higher.. that abstract that will continue to cause random acts of kindness when it is most wanted. πŸ˜‰

  3. After delivering my child safely and soundly (via c-section & modern medicine), I give thanks everyday. She is my blessing.

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