It’s a generational thing…

Anna1980A lot of stuff. Not least the speed! Fast movies, fast music, fast communication, fast, fast, fast. In a way this should make us live more in the moment, but I am afraid it doesn’t.

Movies: I watch movies from my youth, which means the movies on the TV from the 20’s through the 50’s as well as contemporary movies and man, are they slow! Ever watched “Easy rider”? They spend ages just filming the sunset on the desert horizon… You think that would work today? Hah! Still, “Easy Rider” is cult.

Music: The shocking hard rock from my teenage years; Sweet, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Co…Lullabyes today; at the time something that society shied away from in horror. And then the gorgeous, sumptuous, elusive rock operas of The Who, Genesis (LOVE Genesis). The amazing languor of Pink Floyd…The massive undulation of musical experimentation.

Messages: (I shall return to that in my New Year post) Suffice to say that it took time. Writing a letter, reading, re-reading. Finding doubt and hesitation; “Will the receiver understand?” The hardships of nuances, distances and time. Re-writing and perfecting penmanship.

NightLife: Disco; the forerunners to underground and clubs. Amazing costumes, make-up and hair; dreamtime and Alice in Wonderland come alive. Dancing apart but still together….Moving into underground; Rock & Roll, Punk. Angry youths with no talent but lots of passion (and severely torn clothes).

The need to be different: Or shocking, or whatever. So easy at the time. Flower Power; re-model clothes. Rock & Roll: Mix, match, mis-match and remodel. Punk; Tear it all apart, hair-statements, warriors. Piercings, tattoos; things unheard of. Enough to get you banned from an establishment because of the “LOOK”. Street-fashion at its height.

And, most of all, the possibility of “disappearing” for a hefty amount of time without anybody noticing or asking why. Indulging in whatever would be the indulgence; art, music, love; usually the things that were not acceptable šŸ™‚


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