The story about Mr Red, the Cat

In my village there are plenty of cats; domestic ones belonging to households, wild ones born somewhere in a barn and then there are the “left-overs”, cats that were dumped by people moving away. All these cats come visiting from time to time though I never feed them. They sleep in my garden and hunt for mice in my compost heap. During the warm season my doors and windows are always open but they never go into the house. I am very clear on where the borders are and the cats respect that…Until a few weeks ago…

One day I found a big red cat sleeping in my winter garden. I have seen him around and know him to be a very friendly guy. From his manner and looks I thought he belonged to someone. Now I saw that his earlier big belly had turned into an empty sac and he looked a bit tired. For some reason, when he looked at me, I could not throw him out. There was something in his eyes and his manner so I left him there. During the following week he would pop in for a nap every now and then. Sometimes I would ask him to leave and he would. He behaved more like a dog than a cat. I never fed him, I don’t want animals at this stage in my life, I travel much and can not care for them. I checked around the village, everybody knew the cat but nobody owned him.

Then I had a weekend party and a friend of mine from Belgium was here. He and The Cat took one look at each other and it was obvious that they were meant to be together. Friend couldn’t take the Cat at the time, so Cat stayed for another week. During this week I fed Cat and he used my house as home, though I felt he was waiting. He was friendly, very cool but didn’t connect deeply with us.

Then friend came back. On hearing his voice, Cat jumped up to greet him with a husky meow, sat at his feet through coffee and then promptly followed friend to his car, said goodbye to me, jumped into the car and off they went.

I had a feeling the cat came here looking for his future, knowing that it would happen here. He didn’t behave like all the other cats through the years (I have been here 7 yrs), he was a man on a mission, that much was obvious. Later today I am going to visit him in his new home.

Published by From Subconscious to Superconscious

Aroma-therapist, Botanical skin care and perfumes, Inspiring speaker and coach for personal development. I am an archer who likes to play with fire and sew costumes.

2 thoughts on “The story about Mr Red, the Cat

  1. What a wonderful tale …
    you really make me understand the feeling you have about Cat and his, uhm, knowledge – intuition?
    What if we humans have such an ability hidden somewhere … you could ask Friend!

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