A cow called Baby

I treated my first cow today and I find cows to be very special and not entirely easy to grasp. Mind you, I’ve treated a wide variety of “odd” animals such as snakes, lizards, rats, birds and toads as well as different wild animals, but cow was special.

She is 8 months pregnant and has an abscess above her foot, right in the joint. It stays closed and she has not responded to treatment. There is no fever. As the owner (he breeds angus-stock for meat) works biologically with his cows, some forms of treatments are out of range. She has received anti-inflammatory agents and pain-relief but after a couple of weeks she is ill again. This has been going on for close to 3 months and in this time she lost 20-30 kg, her coat is dull and she is not shedding the winter coat. She is very shy and a bit insecure.

It took quite some time for her to allow me to come closer. Once she accepted me I could stroke her and keep her calm. She was obviously in pain and walks with a bad limp. The abscess area is swollen and warm, showing signs of an encapsulated infection. As it is sitting right on the joint, I had a feeling that infection was leaking into her synnovial-fluids, spreading it throughout the body, which would account for the whole-body reaction; nothing dramatic, just a slow deterioration. Her immune-system is obviously unable to deal with it. I didn’t know if I could truly make her well,  but for now something should be done to comfort her.

I used the AromaLux Horse crisis oil to calm her down and get her into her body a bit more, shy individuals often disconnect from themselves when they feel insecure. She smelled the oils and rubbed her head against my oily hands, took a deep breath and sighed. Good Baby! (That’s what he said, the farmer) We covered the abscess area with AromaLux Horse Xtreme Protection Salve and let her go on the field. Now we wait and see. I will return with the results later. (AromaLux Horse are products I have formulated for horses, but they are useful for any animal)

I learned something terrible today while I was chatting with the farmer and his wife: A cow like Baby would, in most instances, be slaughtered if rapid healing didn’t occur, because you can’t sell such a cow. And she would be slaughtered even though she is pregnant! This tore my heart, they would actually kill a pregnant cow and her baby. How can this be allowed? Even if the cow was seriously ill and would need to be put down, wouldn’t you wait for the baby first and save it? This farmer could never kill his cow and baby, he would rather spend endless hours helping them survive. That’s why I was there. As we stood in the field I saw a huge herd of cows and a magnificent bull. The farmer pointed out all the cows to me and told me their names, specific characteristics and how old they were, to me they all looked the same 🙂

Follow up April 20: Baby is healing slowly, she has gained weight and finally shed her winter-coat. She carries her calf very well and though she is still limping she has less pain. Her overall state is much improved. Her leg is still swollen and the encapsulated whatever-it-is stays the same but without the heat or any signs of infection. Mr Farmer will continue using the products and we’ll see where it goes. Stay tuned for the next follow-up 🙂

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