Am I unlucky or am I lucky?

Three days ago, in the late evening, I went to the airport via winding, dark mountain-roads to get my daughter. The drive is about 100km one-way. The very next day I took my car to go see a friend and got as far as the next village when my car hit a pothole and startedContinue reading “Am I unlucky or am I lucky?”


Sometimes I meet people who are either very afraid of using essential oils, or very careless. I think essential oil safety is an issue that needs addressing. The bulk of essential oils are used by the food, cosmetics and toiletries industry. It is mainly used as a taste-enhancer in foods or as a scent inContinue reading “ESSENTIAL OIL SAFETY for home use”

It says more about you than about me…

Preconceived ideas. How many of them do we carry around and do we realize that we have them? I have been experimenting with this…Naughty, I know. Fun? Oh yes. 3 different experiments; 1) clothes 2) my company 3) walking with a bad limp. Results? Clothes: I go to a hardware store all dressed up inContinue reading “It says more about you than about me…”

ROBIN HOOD is a taoist…

This post is from another blog I’ve been writing and some of you may recognize it. I like the picture. Take from the rich and give to the poor – this is the way of the Tao…And Robin Hood. This is a basic idea taught to us already when we are little children and asContinue reading “ROBIN HOOD is a taoist…”

The invisible child

If you don’t know Mumin, check it out. The author is Tove Jansson and the original stories of Mumin are by now well-known. In one of the stories an invisible child shows up on the doorstep of the Mumin-house. She excuses herself for her invisibility, explaining that she is very frightened, but can she pleaseContinue reading “The invisible child”


Every now and then things go wrong in life – c’est normale! Question is how we handle it. Do we berate ourselves (and others) or do we look for solutions? “In the ditch” is about that; how we handle the negative stuff in life. This story was the first AHA-moment in this arena for meContinue reading “IN THE DITCH”