What are the odds?

On June 10 2010 I posted an article about Pentagon using aromatherapy to help ease combat stress. (Crying soldier) The picture I used was random and I chose it because it  touched me deeply. A couple of days ago I received a comment with information about that picture: “The photo is from The Gulf War 1, Sgt. Ken Kozakiewicz, Bradley M-60 gunner. His friend, Spc. Andy Alaniz is in the body bag on the same helicopter.

What are the odds for this to happen?

This has actually happened once before when I chose a random pic because it spoke to me, and that was on the post massage and premature babies that I wrote August 24 2009. The lady who wrote me was part of the team in that hospital.

What are the odds for this to happen?

Thank You people for reading me and Thank You for these magical moments of connection!


4 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. Catherine Alaniz-Simonds

    Just so happens, the man in the body bag is my husband. I was six months pregnant with our only child when he was killed. Her name is Andee. She is now 21. Four years after my husband was killed by friendly fire, my dad was one of the eight federal agents killed in the Oklahoma City Bombing. The Buffalo News just did an amazing four part series about this photo this week. Take a look for the stories behind the picture. It was written by Tim Graham.

    • Dear Catherine,
      Thank you so very much for writing me. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. You have experienced much tragedy and I hope and wish that love and nice things have entered your life. You are a brave woman! The reason I chose this picture was because it put a human face and heart on something so deeply tragic and inhuman as killing. As you have seen, this pic has gotten a life of its own on my blog and I think I did right in choosing it, even if it might be un-ethical. I hope you don’t mind if I share your story on the blog. We live a world apart, yet through one picture that world shrunk. Again, thank you ❤

      • Thank you. As long as people are talking about my husband, he won’t just be the man in the body bag and he won’t be forgotten. Because at our house, he was my friend, my lover and my husband. He is the daddy to our little girl that he never got to see grow up. I don’t want him to be hidden in a bag. He was much more than that!

  2. My dear, he is not just a man in a body bag, he has life on my blog. I will show your story.

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