Wine and turkish cigarettes in the cold

From years and years ago, in the time of free youth and know-it-all I remember heated discussions on philosophy, religion and other things that make the world tick. Dressed in black and passionate I was wildly moved by the meeting with others, the discussions – sometimes so heated – and the freedom of allowing my mind to wander along meandering, never before experienced trails. There were no limits and time was timeless…

(pic from my friend Christoph)

I thought I lost it; in the chaos of being mother, woman, wife, settler and just more or less grown up, it slid away and vanished. Hah! Nothing ever goes away.. I again spend evenings with other passionate heated individuals with a new take on life. They are boys and girls, men and women. They come from wherever with whatever history and we share our thoughts and liberate our minds… Life is beautiful although she sometimes plays tricks on us. And time is of no consequence at all.


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