C’est normale!

My friends, The Bosnian Boys, use it as a mantra, c’est normale! They renovated my house and stayed in my life. The first time I heard this phrase was when the electricity was being done in the house, there were some weird cross-connections and when I asked he said; “C’est normale” and promptly fixed it.Continue reading “C’est normale!”


The year of the dragon is upon us since the 23rd of January and it is taking its first breaths. The dragon is a masterful teacher, dragon enhances everything. You’re doing good? Dragon will give you brilliance. You’re not handling stuff? Dragon will bring you to your knees. Beware of your choices and decisions inContinue reading “YEAR OF THE DRAGON”

What are the odds?

On June 10 2010 I posted an article about Pentagon using aromatherapy to help ease combat stress. (Crying soldier) The picture I used was random and I chose it because it  touched me deeply. A couple of days ago I received a comment with information about that picture: “The photo is from The Gulf WarContinue reading “What are the odds?”

Wine and turkish cigarettes in the cold

From years and years ago, in the time of free youth and know-it-all I remember heated discussions on philosophy, religion and other things that make the world tick. Dressed in black and passionate I was wildly moved by the meeting with others, the discussions – sometimes so heated – and the freedom of allowing myContinue reading “Wine and turkish cigarettes in the cold”

Living the experiment…part 2

After 15 years in the Swedish forest I moved to Luxembourg. I found a nice house with a wonderful garden in a nice village with nice people. Life was great…And comfortable; streetlights, paved roads, water and plumbing all done, woopwoop! I was looking forward to a life more comfortable and easier than the years inContinue reading “Living the experiment…part 2”

Living the experiment…part 1

Going back to sustainability: When child nr 2 came we decided to live in the forest where I had a tiny cottage with 2 rooms and a kitchen. The cottage had no plumbing, very little electricity and, of course, no running water. We are talking an original Swedish cottage (torp) more or less unchanged sinceContinue reading “Living the experiment…part 1”


How far can regulations reach, where is reasonable? There are bodies to regulate more or less anything in the name of safety. For your safety, Folks. What starts out as a good idea in order to regulate toxic substances seem to have accelerated into the idea that everything is toxic. Just to give you anContinue reading “RESTRICTING REGULATIONS and oranges”


When we hear sustainability we think waste-management, renewable sources and other measures to heal and save the earth. Although everybody agrees that these measures are absolutely necessary for our future there always seems to be reasons why it can’t be done, which is really strange since pollution, global warming, toxicity and depletion of sources isContinue reading “SUSTAINABILITY of Self”