I have been away at a dancing camp this weekend and it is a liberating experience, being in my body all the time and tuning out the head. I have danced with people from many different countries, communicating through dancing and learning from teachers by watching them move. I don’t have to understand the language they are speaking. Sometimes I do singing week-ends, it’s the same. We might not be able to talk to each-other, but we can always sing together. 🙂

Rhythm, music, singing and movement are universal, uniting people past all kinds of borders – be it politics, language, religion or traditions. It has nothing to do with age, sex, looks or habits…It is liberating and uniting, asking nothing but for you to listen to your body.

You want to make peace? Sing and dance with your neighbour.

Published by Body & Mind Balance

Aroma-therapist, Botanical skin care and perfumes, Inspiring speaker and coach for personal development. Workshops and one-on-one sessions. I am a horseback archer who likes to play with fire and sew costumes.

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