All my life I spent Christmas with my family, every year no matter what. They were nice gatherings but also stressy with lots of feelings getting involuntarily aired, we all know how it goes. I would be filled with mixed feelings and always cried at some point after the festivities. Still, every year I lookedContinue reading “MERRY XMAS”

Shadow Children

They exist everywhere, the shadow children. The children with huge secrets, literally walking Pandora’s boxes filled with the worst and most hurtful of humanity. Some shadow children are invisible and others are locked away. This post comes from southernseamuse She has kindly permitted me to re-post it. The Sequestered Angel┬áTree December 11, 2011 by SouthernContinue reading “Shadow Children”

…and then came Body

Let’s stick with Body for a while; the joy of body in well-being is severely underrated. It’s always about exercise, food, stay fit, don’t get too fat or too thin… I think a lot of people find this intensely stressful and have problems incorporating a healthy (and happy) body-view in their lives because it’s boring.Continue reading “…and then came Body”


I have been away at a dancing camp this weekend and it is a liberating experience, being in my body all the time and tuning out the head. I have danced with people from many different countries, communicating through dancing and learning from teachers by watching them move. I don’t have to understand the languageContinue reading “THE ULTIMATE PEACE-PLAN”


When I move around you, you will move as well. Often you will not even notice it. I am moving you – physically, with my body – without touching you. Maybe chit-chatting about the weather, a glass of champagne in my hand… Or you will move me. I have a horse in my life, aContinue reading “MOVEMENT IS COMMUNICATION”

PLACEBO and what it reveals

Placebo is “a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.” Wikipedia By the way; placebo is latin and means IContinue reading “PLACEBO and what it reveals”