I can see your lazy self hiding behind the stress

Life is a journey, we’re all agreed on that. But every journey has bumps, illness, disasters and what-have-you. If we plan our journey we will manage it better and end up with lots of new impressions, we grow. So if you travel to the jungle you dress accordingly and get whatever inoculations you feel you need and bring your moskito-net and band-aids. Agreed? Everybody gets this.

On life’s journey we will also bump in to all kinds of unexpectedness and we know it. This is where stress comes in. Stress is journeying through life without preparing. We do have control over it and there are always solutions. So instead of finding us stranded in the middle of nowhere dressed in inappropriate apparel, it would be good to be prepared.

The stress most people experience is a long time coming, wearing them down over time. And there is always choice in this. Traumatic stress that comes suddenly and unexpectedly is a whole different ballgame, this is when you cope or die. Also a choice, but a lot narrower and more drastic.

So when you know that you are looking at some hard work, prepare. Take extra vitamins, exercise, sleep, skip the crap and get yourself in gear. And if it is a never-ending story, maybe you need to change your life. If I am going to run a marathon, I prepare. So prepare for life; that means schedules, time-management and all the basic stuff that you already know and if you are too lazy, you must expect to feel sick and bad and low…Or change your life.


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