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All this searching we do, what are we looking for? The other day it hit me, while I was walking in the forest: Trust, that’s what I am looking for. To be able to trust myself all the time without hesitation, second-guessing or …fear. To always know my gut-feeling is right and go with it even if it means going against reason.

I have asked so many questions without answers and I have wanted reassurance from others to believe that I am on the right track. Family, friends, colleagues and even strangers have had more say in what I did or thought than myself. How is it that we give up our autonomy to so readily trust in somebody else rather than ourselves?

I decided to just go for it. I have nothing to lose, right? It’s a lot harder than it sounds to go with your gut. Sometimes I didn’t even feel it and as usual I fell to thinking it through – doesn’t function. 🙂 So I simply stopped taking action at once and allowed myself to wait for my guidance, the gut. It can be mighty scary sometimes but it really does work and I make a lot more better decisions today than I used to.

We all have the answers within – our own answers – and we can trust ourselves if we dare to. No matter how much we look and ask and read books and go to seminars, we still have to find it within. We can get some answers and aha-moments when we realize: “I know this!” So as we go on our way in search of answers we should remember that we are looking for our own memory, all that stuff that we thought we forgot.


2 responses to “TRUST THE GUT

  1. Trust! One of the hardest, and yet most basic things we need in this world. Especially trust in yourself. I was listening to the Alan Watts podcast, he has great things to say about trust. I’ll paraphrase: You can choose to trust, and will probably be let down on occation, or you can choose not to trust and end up sufficating your life.

  2. I agree, there is no other way forward than through trust. I read some of your stuff and what you do is all about trust; improv.

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