I can see your lazy self hiding behind the stress

Life is a journey, we’re all agreed on that. But every journey has bumps, illness, disasters and what-have-you. If we plan our journey we will manage it better and end up with lots of new impressions, we grow. So if you travel to the jungle you dress accordingly and get whatever inoculations you feel youContinue reading “I can see your lazy self hiding behind the stress”


The body remembers everything that happens to it, every single thing, even when we are sedated or anesthetized. We might not remember anything, as is the whole point, but the body does and these memories make themselves known in different ways. When I come across submerged body-trauma, this trauma has been influencing the body forContinue reading “THE BODY REMEMBERS EVERYTHING”

VASELINE – hate it, love it

Time for another product information-post, Vaseline: The chemical name of Petroleum jelly is petrolatum, Vaseline is a trademark, though Vaseline is pure Petroleum jelly. It is a bi-product from the petro-chemical industry. Other bi-products are: wax, kerosene, diesel, tar, mineral oil, bitumen, roofing shingles, asphalt. For the history of Vaseline look here. (Quite interesting). (TheContinue reading “VASELINE – hate it, love it”


(pic from cosmosmagazine) All this searching we do, what are we looking for? The other day it hit me, while I was walking in the forest: Trust, that’s what I am looking for. To be able to trust myself all the time without hesitation, second-guessing or …fear. To always know my gut-feeling is right andContinue reading “TRUST THE GUT”

MENTAL PICTURES – an adventure

I spent one evening with a bunch of teachers from different nationalities; they all have training from their respective countries and work with different age-groups, from pre-schoolers to graduates. They were involved in a heated argument about reading and information gathering and all agreed that kids tend to read less and search less for information;Continue reading “MENTAL PICTURES – an adventure”