Daily Archives: October 16, 2011


I don’t know about you, but I love browsing; books, clothes, flea-markets and blogs. Every now and then I come across some wonderful stuff such as in Cassiebehle’s blog.  Some blogs I subscribe to and some I earmark for future visits.

Most of all I love browsing books, texts, words. There are so many people out there, saying such wise and clever things. Like the spot-on one-liners you find as you are browsing through an old book. I collect wisdom. I don’t care where it comes from; if it resonates in me, I’ll keep it. Honestly, sometimes the wisest, simplest and purest words come most unexpectedly from the oddest places.

Every time I buy a book I browse – for ages. I am easily attracted by color and imagery, so those books always get an extra look but to actually buy a book there needs to be something more, like a tingling in my spine from curiosity and, yes, Lust!

I love my computer and internet and all, the availability of information with just one click, I remember days of research in libraries, but I am a paper and pencil girl meself.