When I started this blog I had lots of ideas for posts and I kept up my steam for quite some time. But after a while it gets heavy to put up posts regularly and often enough. Writing is creative work that looks for a receiver. I have receivers, I can see that on my stats, but who are you? Why do you read me? What are your interests and do you have anything to share?

Some of you guys have sent me comments and sometimes questions. If you have a blog I look at it to find out a bit about you. Then, when I write it is not just words going into the Universe, it is going to somebody: You. Seeing as I have quite a bit of readers there must be a wealth of knowledge, questions and ideas out there and we seem to share interests. Please drop me a line and I will write for you. 🙂

Today I will answer a question from Tiffany (I think is your name) She asks what brand essential oils I use.

I try every brand I ever run into. Some are pure crap and some are wonderful. Basically I use, since almost 20 yrs, oils from Fragrant Earth in the UK. I do the odd buys from other companies as well. Time is a great indicator of quality-awareness in a company. If the oils stay high-quality and even get better…good company. I have seen the dedication and time that goes into procuring the best oils possible and it’s intense. I think it’s important to stay open; try different brands, compare and use your nose to find the best ones for you.


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