STRESS, the disease of discontenment?

In 19th century Sweden the “torpare” or crofters were farm-laborers with a cottage. This already brought their status up compared to the ordinary laborers. They had the use of a tiny cottage; 1 room and a small kitchen with dirt-floors and some land around it for planting crops. The “rent” for the cottage was toContinue reading “STRESS, the disease of discontenment?”


Spikenard or Narde (Nardostachys jatamansi / N. grandiflora): It belongs to the Valerian family and has similar properties as its cousin Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). A flowering plant that grows to a height of about 1 meter, the rhizomes are distilled to produce the essential oil. It is native to the Himalayas; China, northern India andContinue reading “SPIKENARD”


You know how little irritating things happen that might throw the day of course? Like forgetting your keys, taking the wrong turn or dropping a glass that explodes in one million shards… It’s really annoying and can put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. We get hooked on that firstContinue reading “EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING”


I just had a party for my birthday, which is a really big deal for me. I don’t like throwing parties for myself, feeling uncomfortable as the center of attention. A dear friend of mine offered up her gorgeous house and simply told me that “the girls” wanted to party with me; I did, afterContinue reading “A MOST UNEXPECTED PARTY UNFOLDED ITSELF”