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The chakras are energy-points, or centers, situated in the body, which connect us to our energetic levels. They vitalize both our physical and energetic “bodies” and act on all levels; physical, spiritual and emotional. The main 7 chakras are situated on a straight line from the perineum to the top of our head. There are more chakras on this line above our heads, lately the 8th chakra has become more active. Situated on different parts of the body are minor, chakras that help to create an energetic “grid” within the physical body; they are found on the soles of the feet, palm of the hands, knees and shoulders. The “Marma-points” used in Ayur Vedic practice are connected with these minor chakras.

Chakras 1-3 are connected to our physical world;

  • Chakra 1; Family, Society; our first connection with life.
  • Chakra 2; Our relation to the self; Sexuality, power, creativity.
  • Chakra 3; The self in relation to the surrounding world.

Chakra 4 is the heart and it connects our spiritual and physical world.

  • Chakra 4; The heart; love and self-love. Connecting freely, willingly and with acceptance to others and ourselves.

Chakra 5 – 7 connects with our spiritual realms.

  • Chakra 5; Creativity and exploration; “speaking your mind”.
  • Chakra 6; Vision and clarity. Wider understanding.
  • Chakra 7; Spiritual awareness. This is the entrance-point of life-force, chi, prana…whatever we choose to call it.

Life-force enters through the crown-chakra and moves downwards through the chakras. Within the chakras there is a spinning motion, much like a propeller, and in this way energy is moved through the body. When there is a problem such as disease, stress or emotional imbalance, we leak energy from one or more chakras, usually the 3-4 lower chakras, creating a depletion in our system. Each chakra has a connection to a major endocrine gland





If you want to know more about how the chakras influence our lives, look at the work of Carolyn Myss. She has done some amazing work. If you get a chance to attend a workshop or conference with her, take it.