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Flowers’ Fragrance Diminished By Air Pollution, Study Indicates


Flowers’ Fragrance Diminished By Air Pollution, Study Indicates.

The power of scent is enormous. This article shows how devastating the results are when scent is distorted or destroyed. I sincerely recommend you to read this.



The chakras are energy-points, or centers, situated in the body, which connect us to our energetic levels. They vitalize both our physical and energetic “bodies” and act on all levels; physical, spiritual and emotional. The main 7 chakras are situated on a straight line from the perineum to the top of our head. There are more chakras on this line above our heads, lately the 8th chakra has become more active. Situated on different parts of the body are minor, chakras that help to create an energetic “grid” within the physical body; they are found on the soles of the feet, palm of the hands, knees and shoulders. The “Marma-points” used in Ayur Vedic practice are connected with these minor chakras.

Chakras 1-3 are connected to our physical world;

  • Chakra 1; Family, Society; our first connection with life.
  • Chakra 2; Our relation to the self; Sexuality, power, creativity.
  • Chakra 3; The self in relation to the surrounding world.

Chakra 4 is the heart and it connects our spiritual and physical world.

  • Chakra 4; The heart; love and self-love. Connecting freely, willingly and with acceptance to others and ourselves.

Chakra 5 – 7 connects with our spiritual realms.

  • Chakra 5; Creativity and exploration; “speaking your mind”.
  • Chakra 6; Vision and clarity. Wider understanding.
  • Chakra 7; Spiritual awareness. This is the entrance-point of life-force, chi, prana…whatever we choose to call it.

Life-force enters through the crown-chakra and moves downwards through the chakras. Within the chakras there is a spinning motion, much like a propeller, and in this way energy is moved through the body. When there is a problem such as disease, stress or emotional imbalance, we leak energy from one or more chakras, usually the 3-4 lower chakras, creating a depletion in our system. Each chakra has a connection to a major endocrine gland





If you want to know more about how the chakras influence our lives, look at the work of Carolyn Myss. She has done some amazing work. If you get a chance to attend a workshop or conference with her, take it.


The aura consists of energetic layers, a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. Some people consciously see or sense auric energy. Most children have a strong sense for this. The aura is not consistent, it can grow larger or smaller depending on situations and feelings. A blind lady I met when I was a child, told me she “felt” colors; she was a textile-artist and worked with wool – her work was amazing!

Auras are forever interacting and communicating; this is how we pick up subtle information about our surroundings, such as people we meet. Did you ever stop and think about how you perceive other people? Why do you feel good with some and bad with others? The same goes for places; auras communicate.

Some tips on how you – unknowingly – experience your aura:

  • When you are in a crowded place other people are actually “in your space” (aura) and you feel cramped. Usually you feel “dirty” and want to take a shower when you come home – even though you showered before you went out. This feeling of “dirt” shows up as a foggy gray in the aura and needs to be “washed out”. A shower helps to clear the energy.
  • If you are stressed, the aura is clinging close to your body, giving a feeling of pressure. Go out into nature and you feel how the “pressured” feeling lifts and you have lots of space. You might even feel yourself “soaring”. Usually this can be felt around the head.
  • Next time you meet somebody new; what are your first impressions? Do you feel comfortable around them or not? How do you feel this? Some people make you feel as if they are embracing you – from across the room. Others will make you shy away in discomfort.
  • When you come into a space that is supposed to be empty and it’s not; you always sense that somebody is there. How?
  • When people come close to you, when do you start feeling invaded, at what distance? Does it differ with different people?

Look at these expressions we use in daily life:

  • “He’s larger than life”. About a person who seems to fill a room, even if they are tiny.
  • “Embrace the situation”. You can’t physically hug a situation…
  • “I felt he saw through me” or “I can read you like an open book”. No, we don’t have x-ray vision.
  • “You are invading my space”. From yards away.

All of these things, we know. We call it intuition or the sixth sense. Actually it is a very basic communication that existed way before other communication. I will leave you with a thought:

Science states that the Neanderthal-people had undeveloped speech-organs and research is done to discern what kind of sounds they were able to make. ( It is understood that they had a very developed sign-language. They were mostly meat-eaters and would hunt such large animals as the mammoth. To do this, a large group would have to work together over an area so large that they probably couldn’t see each-other. Add to that the fact that any loud sounds would scare off the intended prey…how did they communicate? Just an interesting thought…


(Yogin with six chakras, India, Punjab Hills, Kangra, late 1700s National Museum.)

We are more than just physical matter; as the proverbial iceberg, there is even more of us “under the surface”, or surrounding our physical bodies as it were; this is what I call the energetics. The physical body is energy as well, only more dense. We have an energetic intelligence which we call intuition and also an energetic memory. Without knowing it, often without believing it, we constantly use and live through our energetic selves.

Let’s start from the beginning : All physical matter is made out of atoms, atoms are energy; There is a dense central nucleus that contains positively charged protons and electronically charged neutrons. Around the nucleus there is a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The mass of an atom is miniscule and 99.9% is made up of space. Atoms lack a well-defined outer boundary, so their dimensions are usually described in terms of an atomic radius. (Atoms form about 4% of the total energy density of the observable universe, with an average density of about 0.25 atoms/m3. Just to give you an idea of the space…

Since all materia is made of atoms it is safe to say that 99.9% of that what we perceive to be matter is space and that the boundaries we believe to be defined are actually atomic radius = energy. So this is what our bodies are made of; tiny specs of materia in a vast space with undefined boundaries. Now we’re talking!


All native healing traditions use the concept of energetics; from native tribes all over the world to the more known Ayur Vedic traditions and homeopathy. From widely different cultures, we see the recurrent form of chakra’s and auras, the “basic blueprint” of human energetics. More about chakra’s and aura in following posts.



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The touchiest subject to let go of is personal trauma. It is as if this gives us the right and excuse, not only to suffer, but also to be pitied. Personal trauma is the most difficult thing to get past, especially when it occurs in childhood – such as abuse. At that point in time we are truly victims and helpless; there is absolutely nothing we can do about it and that is a devastating position to be in. But we do grow up and as we mature we are not helpless victims anymore, we can start changing things, we find that we have choices and the power to decide over ourselves. At this point we can either choose to stay in our trauma and accept a less full-filling life, always having somebody/something to blame, OR we can decide to take charge and get past the trauma and on with life, turning our experiences into something creative instead.

To start a process you need to realize there is a problem. Trust me, EVERYBODY hangs on to something and the first step is to find out what this is. Think about what recurring thoughts you have about stuff; “my mother didn’t love me”, “I am sick”, “It won’t work”, “I can’t do it”, “I need it”, “I deserve it”, “If not for …I would be fine”, “I don’t have”…. Sounds familiar? I thought so.

  • Look at what areas in your life are not functioning, where you procrastinate, what you are afraid of.
  • Break it down by asking WHY, for each answer ask why again.The why’s will take you through the different layers to the original problem or belief.
  • Write it down.
  • Pro & Con: How would your life change if you let go?
  • Then look at HOW you can change it. Find somebody who can back you up.

As a starting exercise, try this: The next time you are in a hurry (read stressed) and get caught in a traffic-jam, let it go; Sit back, turn on some nice music, breath deeply and congratulate yourself on this little moment of peace. Letting go is not only an emotional or mental sensation, it is also physical; there is an actual feeling of warmth and unraveling in the pit of your stomach, a sensation of space around your being. We all know this feeling of release. Remember that time you did something scary? Like jumping off the 3 meter board into the water? That amazing sensation of release once you get past the fear and actually jump. This is how it feels, no matter what you are releasing, this instant moment of trust and freedom.

Every time we allow the fears from our past to stop us, we suffer pangs of regrets – always ending up thinking about how it would have been if we had “done it anyway”. Regrets are debilitating in energy, it never ever moves forward, but keeps us forever caught in the web of the past.

Remember: “The horse is dead, let it go!”


Unbeknownst to us we hold onto stuff that is hindering us in our lives or development. Oftentimes we are not aware of it or refuse to acknowledge it. Sometimes we are in denial, because it’s easier or makes us feel better. Whatever the reason, the stuff we hold onto is ballast in our lives and it is slowing us down. We might be holding onto some, or all, of the following categories:

  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • Emotions & feelings
  • Ideas & beliefs
  • Disease
  • Stress

Usually whatever we are holding onto creates a negative feeling in us because we hold on from fear. It efficiently closes the door on expansion. We need to let go. Whatever we are holding on to, it’s always lodged in the past;

  • “I know what I have but I don’t know what I’ll get”

Consider yourself as an energetic being for a moment; you have 100% of energy to use every day and this will be distributed within your being. Everything costs energy and this will be taken from your 100%, including old stuff that should be long gone. So if you use up, say 40%, of your overall energy just for the ballast, you have reduced your daily “income” with 60%. This is like having a massive energy-leak in your home and constantly, unnecessarily, paying that bill.

We all grow up with certain mindsets from our families or society; they lodge in the sub-conscious mind and rule how we live our lives. Religion, trauma, misunderstandings all “keep us in our place”. Usually those who are the closest to us are the ones most opposed to any change you choose to do, because if you change this will automatically create change in them and they are not ready for that. Every single person I have ever worked with on this issue say the same thing; “My …(parents, spouse, sister, friend) talked me out of it / don’t understand / don’t support…

We are not supposed to hang onto things, not even trauma. At one point we have to let it go. I wise man I know said; “It’s like walking up a mountain, dragging a dead horse. The horse is dead, let it go“. (I love this sentence)

Once I was asked by a friend to help her clear out her ridiculously full attic; I went over and we worked all day. At the end of the day we had 3 equal piles: To keep, Charity and Trash. At that point this friend started looking through the piles, changing her mind; “Oh, but I might need this one day, I can’t throw this away, oh,oh,oh, my memories, my life”. She put it all back in the attic. 2 years later she payed a fortune in moving fees AND storage, because her new home was too small to hold all the stuff!

I have met people who refuse to heal – consciously refused to heal, because they are afraid of what that change might bring. I have met people with childhood traumas who refuse to let them go and forever spend their time crying and wondering why life isn’t happening to them. I have met people who want to lose weight but won’t do the work…. One thing they all have in common is fear and self-pity; being a victim.

I have also met the above people who did the necessary changes; who passed the fear and self-pity and started to take charge of their lives, turning things around and feeling good about themselves, accepting whatever changes that came. There is no such thing as the proverbial silver spoon, there is only personal responsibility and the will to change.

Since this article is very long, I will post it in parts. Part 2 will come tomorrow.

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