This is such a huge area to get into. Suffice to say that over the last 15 years alternative / complementary therapy has grown to world-wide acceptance as an aid or means to healing people. Combined with the very impersonal allopathic health-care it can work wonders for many people. It is not about “either or”, it is about “and”. Alongside with aggressive methods to combat disease alternative / complementary therapies can heal a person on many levels. Changing body-parts or aggressively attacking a tumor or virus is not a guarantee for survival or healing. We are so much more than only our bodies; as I have said before – we are intrinsically interconnected body and mind. Healing is needed on all levels.

Please watch what some people have to say in this movie from Urban Zen Foundation

Published by Body & Mind Balance

Aroma-therapist, Botanical skin care and perfumes, Inspiring speaker and coach for personal development. Workshops and one-on-one sessions. I am a horseback archer who likes to play with fire and sew costumes.


  1. Wonderful blog! I’m no longer able to use aroma therapy due to my sensitivities, but it is a wonderful approach along with the other alternative therapies you write about.

    All the best to you! Sandra

  2. This is a really powerful video about a subject that a great many people feel strongly about and feel powerless to change. The inherent structure of our healthcare systems absolutely have to change. How is it possible that the human race has lost touch with humanity when caring for the sick? Where have the healers who look at the body as a whole gone? Why do we have to go to specialists when our bodies are under systemic attack?

    I lost my mother to Uterine Cancer 5 years ago. From begining to end, it was a heart-wrenching, horrific process filled robotic doctors, uncaring nurses and, worst of all, treatments that treated nothing.

    Change has to come, there is no longer anyway we can ignore this problem.

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