How laughter works

Everything gets so serious, life is serious. I have had a seriously difficult week and I have been sad. At least I have, over time, learned to look for the positive; both in my situation and around me. When I am sad I want to be amused. I don’t want to talk about my “problems” and I don’t want to be quizzed. I just want a good jolly laugh and some nice pictures/thoughts in my head. Because if I can change my outlook, I can usually find a solution to my problems – just by stepping away from them. Besides which…every cloud actually does have a silver-lining, but sometimes it is sooooo hard to find.

The picture above is a simplified drawing of how laughter works; It sends signals to the Limbic system where everything connected to our Self sit – emotion, learning, memory, hormones… Laughter actually changes the chemical make-up in your brain, increasing the feel-good-hormones and decreasing anxiety and stress-levels. (See earlier posts on aromatherapy for more knowledge of the limbic system.) Actually; The muscular movement alone, of moving your lips into a smile sends this “laughter-signal” to the brain…the same mimicry as seen in crying…and crying releases these hormones as well, making us finally tired and calm.

When I look around I see so many funny things; little every-day exchanges in the street, funny video-clips, ridiculous situations. I think we just need to change our way of looking at the world and instead of using our serious-eyes we should use our funny-eyes.

You know the movie “Sliding doors”? In this movie the main male character has a best friend that he goes to with all his problems. This best friends keeps laughing so hard at the guys stories – and they are truly ridiculously funny – making the main guy so frustrated because he can’t see the humour since he is too involved. The laughing friend….he’s the best character in the whole movie. I am not saying that you should start laughing at other peoples problems… 🙂 but sometimes maybe at your own.

So now I have decided to give something amusing as often as possible on this blog, starting with this:

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