The New World Order – Codex Alimentarius

the-new-world-order-codex-alimentariusJust a quickie to follow up on yesterday’s post; I do think you should check up Codex alimentarius since it touches everybody, no matter where you live.

A few basic outlines:

  • Food-control.  Setting standards for food. Banning certain nutrients, bringing in heavy toxicity in the food-chain – “to protect people”; No more organic, no more raw milk, no more grassfed beef without hormones and antibiotics. In 1994 Codex defined nutrients as toxins, which would make them illegal.
  • Every country that is a member of World Trade Organization (WTO) will automatically partake and accept the Codex. Those who do not will be subject to trade sanctions.
  • Codex alimentarius is ruled by Napeleonic law, which means that everything that is not stated as lawful is automatically against the law.  This is how the new bill; Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, bill HR 875, can prohibit organic farming.

Codex alimentarius aims to implement these laws latest December 31 2009. This date was set already in 1962 or 1963 when the Codex was created. On the official site of Codex you can see listed all the new rules, what pesticides, hormones and antibiotics are to be used – on ALL foodstuffs. And much much more. Do check it out.

If such a plan was created and set in action at the time of my birth to be implemented when I am a middle-aged woman…..what about the future?

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