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spraying I said I would write about natural scenting, but this came to my attention today and it is shocking beyond belief, so I will share this with you:

US House and Senate are about (in a week and a half) to vote on bill that will OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING (bill HR 875).  There is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next 2 weeks before people realize what is happening. Main backer and lobbyist is Monsanto – chemical and genetic engineering giant corporation (and Cargill, ADM, and about 35 other related agri-giants). This bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by the newly formed agency to “make sure there is no danger to the public food supply”. This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a family and not for sales. If this passes then NO more heirloom clean seeds but only Monsanto genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected diseases in humans.

The name of this outrageous food plan is: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (bill HR 875).


BUT this is not all. This all derives from something called the Codex Alimentarius that was launched in 1962 and since then has grown to be a multiheaded power of its own – concerning the whole world – not only the countries that are members.

Industrial pig

I have been researching all morning and this is some scary business. Take  a look at this video, it is part 1 of 5, the rest you will find on youtube. This lady, Dr. Rima Laibouw, explains the Codex Alimentarius very well, but please do your own research on the internet.

Also you can check out this site:


It might look like it’s just the USA, but it isn’t. Big parts of the world are involved in this. Maybe it is time to stop being complacent and start asking some serious questions.

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