Changes in the skyThe most important idea for success or fulfilling of dreams is limitlessness. There exists no limits except for the ones we create for ourselves. Even physical limits; I have seen a one-legged ballet-dancer…I am sure a lot of people told him it couldn’t be done.

Write down what you want to do. Make it as clear as possible; you need to see and feel yourself in this position, doing this thing. You need to become this person. When you wake up in the morning you are this person, during the day you act like this person. In this way you will start creating your vision with your daily actions.
Talk to people you trust, tell them what you are doing, where you are going. You will be amazed at how helpful people are.

If you don’t believe, you can’t achieve

Make an inventory: Your strengths, your weaknesses. Ask trusted friends and colleagues for input and write it all down. Build on the list. Every thing you learned is a strength: language-course, pottery, political history…whatever. We all have a lot of knowledge that we don’t value enough since it has been acquired from interest, not work. Well, if it was from interest (hobby) the knowledge is probably pretty good and useful. Who said this knowledge could not be part of your work?

Make sure that you really know your weaknesses, because this will always be your greatest strength. You need to open up to criticism and embrace it as a way to grow. Input from others can tell us a lot about ourselves, and give us a chance to expand. Work on you character and strengthen that which is weak.

Seek out people who are in your chosen area of work, ask questions, build a network. Tell people that you are looking for work. This is the best way to find a job. People who know you and know your assets will put in a word for you at the right place and right time. This is an automatic introduction that will put you ahead of the queue.

Being without a job is stressful and insecure and you might have to down-size your life to fit with your new situation. The most important thing is to keep busy.
Fill your time with positive action; join a network or club to meet people and exchange ideas. Take care of your health so you get strong and fit. Enjoy your family and friends. Take up a hobby or interest that you long wanted to do but couldn’t find the time. Study.
When our time is full we complain about all we don’t have time to do. And when we suddenly find ourselves with plenty of time, we do nothing and complain of having no work.

Everything that happens has 2 sides to it. It is for us to choose how we look upon it. If you can’t change a situation, find a way to use it or accept it.

There is a time for waiting and there is a time for action. When the time is for waiting make sure you fill it with positive things that will enhance your growth and strength for the time of action when it will be needed.


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