STRESS part 3

fire out of controlExisting in stress-mode is to loose sight of yourself, over time it is like a fire out of control. We are adaptive and that is, in a way, our worst enemy. People can go through complete personality changes while in the duration of stress, and even though other people tell them so, they have no way of seeing it themselves. Under stress we get snappy, moody, scatter-brained and sometimes even more hyper – trying to press more and more into the days. We spin out of control and we don’t even have a clue. I have met people who told me they hardly had any stress – only moments before they hit the wall and went on a 3-year sick-leave, stress makes people unreliable.
Denial is also part of the problem; a lot of people consider it a weakness to experience stress, they need to show that they can keep everything together,  no matter what. This is the first idea that has to go; strength is to realize that there is a problem, only then can something be changed. Stressed people are unreliable
The first thing you need to do is to recognize and isolate the stressors, and there are many ways to do this. After that you need to pin-point how stress affects you; please see the list in the last blog-entry. Try to keep sight of your “normal balance-level”
With this assessment, you can start making small changes that will help you deal with the stress. If you are under moderate stress, you can do this yourself – maybe with the help of a mentor, coach or therapist. If the stress-levels are higher and you feel really swamped, you might definately need an experienced stress-therapist/coach.

to be continued…

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Aroma-therapist, Botanical skin care and perfumes, Inspiring speaker and coach for personal development. Workshops and one-on-one sessions. I am a horseback archer who likes to play with fire and sew costumes.

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