ESSENTIAL OIL QUALITY – part 1 -background

Quality is the most important aspect when using essential oils. All the wonderful effects the oils have will only happen when there is a high quality pure essential oil. To understand why this is even an issue, you need to understand the world of scents; how they are used and where they come from. TheContinue reading “ESSENTIAL OIL QUALITY – part 1 -background”


The most important idea for success or fulfilling of dreams is limitlessness. There exists no limits except for the ones we create for ourselves. Even physical limits; I have seen a one-legged ballet-dancer…I am sure a lot of people told him it couldn’t be done. Write down what you want to do. Make it asContinue reading “CREATIVE CHANGES”


Know Thyself Knowing others, one is learned; Knowing thyself, one is enlightened. Conquering others requires force; Conquering oneself requires strength. Knowing contentment, one is rich; Having perseverance, one is firm; Abiding in the center, one endures; Even in dying, one enjoys eternal life. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, XXXIII New times have come and thisContinue reading “THE SELF”

STRESS part 4

Stress eats us alive and we don’t even notice it. Our warning-systems have been working overtime for so long, we don’t hear them anymore. A stressed animal tends to move continuously and endlessly in the same pattern without too much awareness of its surroundings. People find this horrible to watch; at the zoo for example.Continue reading “STRESS part 4”

STRESS part 3

Existing in stress-mode is to loose sight of yourself, over time it is like a fire out of control. We are adaptive and that is, in a way, our worst enemy. People can go through complete personality changes while in the duration of stress, and even though other people tell them so, they have noContinue reading “STRESS part 3”

STRESS part 2

Here is an overview of what kind of problems stress might cause in an individual: Musculo-skeletal Pain/strain in back, shoulders, neck Muscle inflammation Posture-problems Headaches Digestive Heart-burn Ulcers Poor digestion Gastritis Pain Circulatory system Numbing/tingling in arms/legs Heart palpitations Shortness of breath Dizziness High blood pressure Emotional/Psychological Sleeping disorders Headaches Mood swings Anxiety Panic-attacks Depression*Continue reading “STRESS part 2”

STRESS part 1

Stress is good, stress is necessary and stress is excitement. Stress is what got us, as a species, this far. Without stress not much would ever happen and we would become extinct. There is a wish to differentiate between stress and stress: Inner stress/outer stress Good stress/bad stress I do not differentiate, stress is stress.Continue reading “STRESS part 1”


Essential oils are wonderful mood-enhancers. I have many clients experiencing depression and anxiety from stress. While stress takes time to balance, the emotions involved can quite readily be helped with essential oils. Usually the scents/blends I use for people are chosen specifically for them and then used in a massage. This way the system isContinue reading “ESSENTIAL OILS AND EMOTION”